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Episode 1030

The Right Time to Hire for Your Cleaning Company Revealed! : Episode 1030


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Episode 1030 – The Right Time to Hire for Your Cleaning Company Revealed!


In the world of cleaning companies, a common question arises: when is the right time to hire? Should you consider hiring family members? These are important questions that Mike Campion addressed in a recent coaching session. Today, we’ll delve into his insights and wisdom on these topics.

The Right Time to Hire: Right Now

First and foremost, Mike emphasized that the right time to hire is right now. He believes in taking strategic steps in the hiring process. But more than that, he encouraged a shift in mindset. Instead of playing a never-ending game of matching employees with customers, he suggested focusing on a continuous hiring funnel and client attraction funnel. It’s about having an abundance of talent eager to join your team and a queue of customers wanting your service.

Abundance Is a Blessing

Mike illustrated his point with the story of hiring “Ronnie.” In this scenario, he had so many potential employees that he couldn’t hire them all at once. He used their enthusiasm to his advantage, starting some as floaters and later promoting them to full-time cleaners. The key takeaway here is that an abundance of candidates is a blessing, not a burden.

Too Many Clients or Employees? It's a Feature, Not a Bug

The same principle applies to customers. Having a backlog of potential clients is a great position to be in. Mike stressed that there’s no such thing as too many people wanting to work for you or too many people wanting you to be their vendor.

Hiring Family Members

What about hiring family members? Mike shared his perspective on this topic. He believes that as long as the core values align, it can work. The key is to ensure that it’s not a situation where you, as the boss, boss your family members around. Instead, make it about your core values. If they share these values, any difficult conversation can be handled professionally.

Overcoming Deep Cleaning Fee Objections

Mike’s approach is about solving real problems and understanding your clients’ pain. When clients object to a deep cleaning fee, he recommends positioning it as an investment in a long-term relationship. Whether you offer it for free or at a cost, the goal is to lower barriers and make it as easy as possible for clients to join you.

6. Dealing with Cheaper Alternatives

As for clients with cheaper alternatives, Mike’s message is clear: if they’re looking for a bargain, they might not be the right fit for your service. Focus on attracting clients who understand the value you provide.

In Summary: Valuable Insights for Cleaning Company Owners

In summary, Mike Campion’s coaching session offers valuable insights for cleaning company owners. Shift your mindset, embrace an abundance of potential employees and clients, and prioritize core values when considering hiring family members. Remember that your service is valuable, and clients who appreciate that value are the ones you want to work with.
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