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Episode 1064

The REAL Reason They’re NOT Buying Your Cleaning Services: Episode 1064


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Episode 1064 – The REAL Reason They’re NOT Buying Your Cleaning Services


Mike Campion sat down with a cleaning company owner, Kayla, to delve into the challenges she’s facing with her business. In this coaching session, Mike aimed to uncover the underlying issues affecting Kayla’s sales performance.

Identifying the Issue:

Kayla expressed frustration about the increasing number of rejections she faced, with potential clients citing high prices as the primary reason. Mike, however, challenged this assumption, asserting that pricing might not be the root cause.

Analyzing Sales Data:

Mike meticulously dissected Kayla’s recent sales data. They discussed the number of bids, actual sales, and the closing rate. The detailed analysis revealed a lower-than-expected close rate of 14%, far from the target of 60-70%.

Exploring Possible Causes:

Mike probed into the specifics of Kayla’s interactions with potential clients. He suggested two potential issues: either she’s engaging with the wrong prospects or her sales process is flawed. They delved into the details of the seven recent bids, examining the nature of the interactions and outcomes.

Uncovering Pain Points:

To understand the prospects’ perspective, Mike role-played as a potential client, asking Kayla why she called for cleaning services. In response, Kayla highlighted the pain of having to clean after a move, expressing a desire to spend more quality time with her family.

Feedback and Improvements:

After the role play, Mike provided constructive feedback. He acknowledged Kayla’s ability to evoke genuine emotions but emphasized the importance of staying focused on uncovering pain points rather than steering the conversation towards selling.

Takeaways and Next Steps:

The coaching session highlighted the need for Kayla to hone her skills in exploring and understanding the pain points of potential clients. Mike emphasized the significance of genuine curiosity and compassion in the sales process, encouraging Kayla to refine her approach for more effective client interactions.
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