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Episode 745

The Pros & Cons of Taking on Government Contracts for Your Cleaning Company: Episode 745


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Episode 745 – The Pros & Cons of Taking on Government Contracts for Your Cleaning Company

Happy New Year’s Cleaning Nation! Today, we have Bobby Woods who started his cleaning company Tiger Cleaning in March 2016 in Memphis Tennessee. After buying into a cleaning franchise, Bobby would like to move into bidding on more government contracts and wants to get Mike’s advice on the best way to go about that. Listen in to learn the pros and cons of government contracts, how to bid on them, and how to get in the right mindset to choose the right niche.

Every Cleaning Niche Has its Strengths and Weaknesses

Whether you are looking to bid government contracts or anything else, you’ll find that each cleaning niche has its strengths and weaknesses. In the case of government contracts, the strengths are really strong and the weaknesses are really weak. Before you can effectively bid or go out into a new niche, it’s important that you are really clear on what your goals are so you know which way to set your sights. You need to know what your monthly profit goal is so you know which bids to bid on in the first place. Once you get clear on that, you are in a better headspace to know exactly what that means in terms of what kind of government contracts you are going to move into and why.

The Government’s Biggest Pain is that You Meet Their Required Standards for Cleaning

One of the hard things about getting a government contract is that their biggest pain isn’t that they will hire someone that does a great job cleaning. It’s that they find someone who is willing to comply with all of their standards to clean the way their contract is set up. It can be frustrating to be a qualified cleaner with a great reputation but still not get the contract because you don’t meet a very specific set of standards that have been set up by bureaucracy. All that said, the square footage of government buildings is very big. And they can pay well if you get chosen. Those pros may offset the red tape you have to get through to get the bid.

Choose Your Niche Based on Your Strengths, Not Where You Are Most Comfortable

Lastly, when it comes to deciding whether or not you are going to take on government contracts (or any other niche) ask yourself if you are moving into this new territory because it’s something you are really suited for or because you just feel comfortable. Males tend to choose commercial cleaning, females residential because they typically have more of a connection to those. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right choice. So getting really clear on why you are choosing one over the other will help you accomplish your overarching goals more quickly and enjoy yourself more in the process.

Final Takeaway: Make sure you are choosing the right niche for the right reasons.

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