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Episode 229

The Power of Your USP: Episode 229: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 229 – Mastering A Unique Selling Proposition

A how-to guide on selling your clients with a well thought out and unique selling proposition
In this week’s podcast, Mike speaks with Pascal Nayigiziki owner and founder of Zebedee Professional Cleaning which serves the Houston Texas area with expert commercial cleaning services. Mike met Pascal while speaking at a convention for Swept and immediately knew that Pascal would be perfect for the Podcast! About two and a half years before meeting Mike, Pascal was homeless and living on the streets of Houston Texas when a church called Under Over Fellowship changed his life by partnering the gospel with a sandwich. From there Pascal dedicated himself to the Lord, and his life has forever changed for the better. The church helped him to get a job, and after sharing with his pastor that he was interested in starting his own business, he was then given the opportunity to overtake some janitorial contracts. Since then, Pascal built his business little by little, step by step always carrying his faith and dedication to having a better future with him in all aspects of his business and life. We hope you find inspiration in this story on starting and beginning to grow a cleaning business.

RESOURCE ALERT: How-to write a unique selling proposition https://oldsite.growmycleaningcompany.comcleaning-services-marketing-plan/

Pascal has read Mike’s book (I’m a freaking genius why is this business so hard) which is a great informative on unique selling propositions. The book is an excellent resource that supplies a sufficient number of helpful tips and questions to ask of yourself while trying to come up with your very own USP. While trying to come up with a unique selling proposition you want to keep two things in mind:

The UPS has to be truly unique, not something that your competition is claiming that they do for the targeted customer
Must be of value to the targeted customer and prove what value you can provide
Pascal’s USP is as follows: “Not just a cleaning company that does it well, we are a marketing tool that helps you sell!” The unique part of his USP is that not any of the competition is outright stating that they are going to help you sell your houses. In doing so you are promising to help the realtor grow their business by selling houses, and in return everyone makes money. With this statement, you are making yourself valuable as you are not only cleaning the properties but helping them to grow their business with the selling of properties. While complying a USP be sure to ask yourself exactly how you want to get your idea across and what is vital that you portray in your message.

Pascal’s Second USP reads: “We take the time to understand you, then address your specific needs, the way we care for you is by giving you one less thing to worry about. Zebedee professional cleaning, no one understands your pain like us.” Some great constructive criticism about this selling proposition is that you do not want the slogan to be too long. You want customers to have a clear idea of what message you are conveying and get straight to the point. Also, you do not want to put your business name within the USP. In doing so you are taking away from the customer, they want to know that they are understood and that all attention is on making the customer happy. You’ll want to make the statement that you are of value to the client and make sure they know that they are understood. More so than stating what you will do for your customers you want to demonstrate it!

RESOURCE ALERT: Stand out from the competition

Fulfill your promises, it’s good to state things that are of value to the customers they want to know that they are understood, but you want to demonstrate rather than claim what you are going to do for the customer. Fulfill on the promise that you are making in your statement. You want to attract and keep the right clients and attract and keep the right employees if you can do that you are going to be successful. With employees, it’s not how much you pay them it’s about how you make them feel and the great work experience you provide. With clients, it’s not how much they pay you; it’s how you make them feel and the experience you provide. Make more mistakes faster; everyone wants to get everything right the first time which never works, the faster you make mistakes and the higher quantity of mistakes that you make the more successful you are going to be. We all learn from our errors and mistakes are to be a lesson to learn from. Cleaning nation is all about sharing the mistakes we as a community have made so that everyone can learn from each other, it’s where we can share our experiences so that if others are dealing with the same type of situation, we can guide each other in the right direction.

Lightning Round:

Best advice you’ve received either personally or professionally?

To be grateful in all things, some of the worst thing that have ever happened to me turned out to be the greatest things, you would think losing it all was the worst thing but I’m in a position where all my dreams are coming true I’m structured minded and structured right

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in the cleaning business we can all learn from?

Was not making enough mistakes, every mistake that I have made even bidding low, I learned that was the last time I’m going to do that, but I earned my keep by doing my heart out and they ended up being some of my biggest referrals, if you are making a deal your making a deal but there must a point where your pride is on the line and you’re just trying to put out a good

What’s one idea cleaning nation can put into practice to improve their business or their lives immediately?

It’s simple, nobody cares what you know until they know how much you care if you take the time to go out of your way to show someone you care, they are going to want to know what you have to sell what you have to do who you are as a human being, as with everything in life.
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