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Episode 792

The Power of Speaking to the Pain of Your Client: Episode 792


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Episode 792 –The Power of Speaking to the Pain of Your Client

Welcome to the podcast Cleaning Nation! Today we have Nicosha Greer here to chat with Mike. She started Made to Disinfect in Houston, Texas in December of 2021. She is here today to talk about how best to find and target your ideal potential clients. Listen in as she and Mike discuss best practices for investing in your new business, the pros and cons of buying a franchise, and how to effectively find your target market.

Franchise Buys Are Often Too Good to be True

It can be really tempting when you’re vacillating between a bunch of options to want to buy into a franchise. They are established as a trusted brand, they may already have clients in the area, and the systems and processes are already set up. But we have seen so many cleaners buy into franchises and even grow them to make as much as 70,000 a month, and still cleaning because they are only taking home $5-7,000 a month. Because a franchise will charge you a high fee forever (as much as 20%) and we teach that your profit should be 20%, you’d essentially have to have a 40% profit before you are taking home what you would be at a 20% profit if you owned your own business.

Be Specific About the Person You Are Targeting

One of the first questions most new cleaning companies jump to answer is ‘how do I get customers?’ But until you’re really clear on who your customer is, you’re not going to be able to find them very effectively. For example, if you want to focus on elderly people who have always cleaned their own houses and the fact that they can’t clean it now and that’s a reminder of their growing frailty is very different than targeting a high power woman who doesn’t have time to clean her home. Once you understand who you are trying to appeal to, you can target them so much more effectively.

Speak to the Pain of the Client

This part is soo important when it comes to selling a service. If you say something like “we clean houses, we’re really good at it, we’ll make your house really clean”, people are going to glaze over before they ever get to the end of your ad. If, in contrast, you understand your client and speak to their pain and make them feel understood, then tell them how you are the solution to that problem- now you have their attention. It is the way to stand out from the crowd and the secret to connecting with potential clients.

Final Takeaway: Be careful how you get into the cleaning business (ie. be wary of franchises), get crystal clear on who you are targeting as a client, then speak to their pain.

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