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Episode 823

The Power of Putting the Pieces Together: Episode 823


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Episode 823 – The Power of Putting the Pieces Together: Episode 823

Welcome to the podcast Cleaning Nation! Today, we have Fredo Derazin, one of our elite members on today to talk about the changes he’s making in his business and how it’s going for him. He is based out of St. Louis, Missouri, and does commercial cleaning. Fredo is originally from Haiti and started in the army in the states then worked his way up to start his own cleaning business. He has been a member of our elite program for just a little while and is already making great progress.Listen in to see how he’s connecting the dots.

The Practicality of Core Values

For Fredo, once he learned how important core values were, he was able to deal in an effective way with an employee who he had been bumping heads with for a long time. He realized, as he outlined his core values, that one of the most important values to him was mutual respect. The employee in question, as he evaluated his staff, didn’t share that core value. And as he got clear on that one thing, he realized there wasn’t any reason to continue to fight for this staff member who ultimately just didn’t share the same values. At that point, it’s as easy as finding someone who does. Which is what Fredo has begun to do.

The Power of Doing Things Right

Another big takeaway for Fredo is the power of doing things right. He has learned the value of things like getting liability insurance in case something happens to one of his staff members on the job. Or charging the right amount so that you can factor ALL your costs in like trainings, uniforms, supplies, gas reimbursement, etc. When you really get clear on your cost of goods, you are able to charge the right amount so that your profit is high enough that you can scale and grow your company and also take home a paycheck.

Leading with Core Values

Fredo has also learned the power of leading with core values. He did his first group interview recently and realized how important it was to lead with expectation in the interview. To let them know upfront what the expectations are, and how to vet people who are going to be a good fit for the company right from the beginning. This is how you start to build a culture of people who share the same values and are all working towards a similar goal. It is how you find longevity and people who come to work for more than just a paycheck. 

Final Takeaway: Setting up the systems and processes to be able to do things right can really make all the difference in a smooth transition towards the new and improved version of your business. 

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