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Episode 810

The Power of Persistence in Solving Hard Problems: Episode 810


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Episode 810 – The Power of Persistence in Solving Hard Problems

Hi Clean Nation! Today on the podcast, we have our own Lindsay Bjorklund here chatting with Tracey Thompson about a book we all love over at Grow My Cleaning Company and how we can apply some of its lessons as we grow our own cleaning companies. Listen in for bits of wisdom and for how to apply them wherever you are in your business journey.

A Story of Persistence

There is a story in the book ‘Think Rich, Grow Rich’ by Napolean Hill about a man caught by the gold fever. He heads out west with his uncle and they start digging and find a gold vein. They are stoked and get all the machinery and dig and dig. And at a certain point, they can’t find the vein anymore. They found what they thought was a gold mine but could never find it again. So they sell all their drills and machinery to a junk man. This junk man is no dummy. He thinks they must have missed something, so he hires an engineer and goes back to where they were digging. It turns out that they were only like three feet away from the gold vein and the junkman ends up finding a ton of gold. The point of this story is that if the original men would have tried a little harder, or hired an engineer themselves, they would have been able to find the gold they were hoping to find.

What Does this Have to Do with Your Business?

We see this all the time as we talk to owners of cleaning companies. Something hard comes along, maybe it’s covid and the hiring shortage we are experiencing right now where people are choosing to make their businesses smaller or pull back rather than taking a step back and reassessing the issue at hand and getting creative with solutions. Just like the junk man who decided to hire an engineer to look at the situation with a fresh set of eyes, often in our business we need to step back, reassess and see what really needs to change rather than throwing up our hands and deciding there is no solution.

Take Some Time If You Need it

So often, owners of cleaning companies and business owners, in general, tend to have a ‘lone wolf syndrome’ where they feel like they have to figure out everything themselves. That being a business owner should automatically give them all the knowledge they need to run it successfully. The reality is, that those who are the most successful recognize where they fall short and get help from experts to fill in the holes. It’s just not realistic to think that you are going to have all of the answers all of the time. And there is no shame in taking a step back, resting, and asking for help. Oftentimes, it’s the best thing you could do, both for yourself and for your company. 

Final Takeaway: Take a step back and look at your business with a pair of fresh eyes, hire the ‘engineer’ when you need him,  and don’t be afraid to ask for help. 

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