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Episode 886

The Power of Gratitude as a Business Owner: Episode 886


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Episode 886 –The Power of Gratitude as a Business Owner: Episode 886

Today on the podcast, we have our annual Thanksgiving episode with Mike and Nathalie Campion. Every year they do a podcast specifically for you, Cleaning Nation to thank you for your support of this company and chat about the importance of gratitude as a business owner in general. This one is for you!

Two Perspectives on Spinning in the Negative

From MIke’s point of view, we as business owners (and human beings) often call into this competitive mindset of who has it worse. If your business is bad, mine is even worse because of x,y,z. We fall into this trap of constantly one-upping each other when complaining about what makes life hard. From Nathalie’s perspective, we do that because it takes the responsibility off our shoulders. If we can be the victim of our circumstances, if life is happening to us, then we can blame life for why things are hard and feel sorry for ourselves. But we didn’t make those things happen, so we aren’t responsible for fixing them. We can just spin in that space for a while, which can feel better than taking responsibility. When you take it on, then you are the one that has to fix it. If you’re interested in moving forward when difficult things happen, however, understanding that you are in control of what happens next is the most empowering thought possible.

Resisting Gratitude Doesn’t Serve You

When Mike was younger, he rolled his eyes when people would talk about the importance of gratitude thinking it was woo-woo and unimportant to the bottom line. As he’s aged and put it into practice, however, he’s seen the power of it both in his personal and professional life because when you can pause to be grateful first, how you lean into problem-solving will come from that same attitude. As Nathalie comments, this process can be a hard one to choose gratitude or bitterness or contempt, but the more you put it into practice, the easier it becomes and the results are so much more positive.

The Power of Gratitude

Nathalie’s beautiful thoughts on gratitude: Being grateful for what we have is how you win in life. If you are grateful and content with what you have in this moment and you can focus with gratitude on the things in the future, you’ve won. If you’re constantly lamenting what you don’t have and what you should have and what hasn’t worked, you’re never going to be happy doesn’t matter how successful you become because your mindset is in the wrong place. And putting that focus on what we have that we have a roof over our head, we have food in our refrigerator, we have family that we love, and we get to visit and we have freedom is absolutely amazing and the greatest gift and I’m really grateful that we’re able to do that and spend that time with my family

Final Thoughts: Gratitude is a practice that leads to a way of life that allows for creativity and fulfillment regardless of circumstances. 

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