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Episode 766

The Power of Choosing What You Want and Working For It : Episode 766


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Episode 766 – The Power of Choosing What You Want and Working For It

Welcome to the podcast Cleaning Nation! Today on the show, we have our wonderful mindset coach Tracey Thompson here with a new Clean Profit member, Chris Cassady. Chris started his commercial cleaning company, Empire Services LLC. in Ashboro, NC in 2014. Today, he and Tracey are going to chat about the biggest aha moments he has had since becoming a member of the Clean Profit Method, and how the changes he’s making are affecting his business for the better.

What Needed to Change

Chris wasn’t at a breaking point when he joined The Clean Profit Method. He had a growing business with a history and a number of employees. But he knew there had to be a better way than the way he was doing things. He started to listen to Mike’s podcast and the things he was saying really resonated with him and his wife. They decided this was something they needed to implement into their business to really take them to the next level.

What Has Been the Most Impactful

For Chris, understanding the importance of core values has been a game-changer for him. And not just the values of others, but what his core values are personally. Through understanding the characteristics he values most are, he has been able to approach interviewing potential employees in a much more effective way. People can interview and give you all the right answers, but it doesn’t tell you much about who they are. As Chris has approached the hiring process by finding people he connects with through core value matches, he is able to hire people that are a much better fit for him and his company.

Leaning Into the Fear

A huge turnaround for Chris was realizing that he had so much fear that was holding him back from what he really wanted. He was working full-time in a more stable job, but he didn’t really love it. He saw the potential in the company he was building, but he was scared to walk away from the stability. Finally, he decided that his fear was holding him back from what he really wanted. He decided to quit that job and go all-in on his company. He decided he didn’t want to regret never going fully in on something he really cared about.

Final Takeaway: Take control of what you want to build, put in the work and lean into what you really want it to become. 

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