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Episode 781

The Power of Asking the Right Questions: Episode 781


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Episode 781 – The Power of Asking the Right Questions

Hi Cleaning Nation! Today on the podcast, we have Jered Robinson. Jered is our in-house marketer that does all the marketing directly for Grow My Cleaning Company as well as helps our clients improve their marketing. Today, Jered talks why asking the right questions allows you to gain trust with potential clients. It is something you can use for both your marketing and your sales. Listen in as he explains the power of asking the right questions rather than trying to sell yourself and why you are much more likely to gain more clients and get more sales that way.

The Psychology of Proposing Value

It can be really templting to tell your potential client all about why you are a great company. How long you’ve been in business, how good you are at your job, etc. But there is power in presenting what your clients will GAIN by choosing to do business with you. This process is where we sell the destination and not the journey, we don’t sell how you get there, we just sell you the destination of what you need.

The Power of the Right Questions

Jered shares an experience he had recently that speaks to this issue. His son was born with a genetic heart disorder and had three open heart sugeries in the first three years of life. Now, as he’s gotten older, Jered has started to see the effects of some of the trauma his son is dealing with. So he and he wife went to see an child psychologist. On the way there, he learned that they would have to pay $100 just to see the child psychologist as the parents. Not even with his son. He thought it was highway robbery to charge the parents money to ask questions about their child. But, at the end of an hour with this doctor, she had won him over. And it was purely based on the quality of questions she was asking. Through those questions and the answers he and his wife gave, they were able to discover things they hadn’t even realised about what really going on and he felt confident that this doctor would really be able to help his son.

Give Potential Clients Options

One big mistakes marketers, and businesses in general often make is that they give their potential clients two options. Either they say yes or no to them. And if they have to make that decision right of the bat before they really like, know or trust you, chances are they are going to say no. Rather than giving them two extreme options, ask the questions that allow them to win your trust.

The Right Questions

The best kind of questions are leading questions. Did you recently experience this? When was the last time you? Have you ever? These kind of questions allow you to relate to the pain your potential client is feeling. If you walk into a bid and ask the two questions, ‘tell me about your last cleaners,’ and ‘what would you like to accomplish with me today’, now you are in a position to understand what they really need and how you can provide that for them.

Final Takeaway: Asking the right questions will get you better, more useful answers. 

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