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Episode 917

The Pain Conversation: Explained, Episode 917


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ep 917
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Episode 917 – The Pain Conversation: Explained

This episode is from a training seminar about diffcult conversations. Mike starts by acknowledging frustration and reminding the client of the goal of the conversation, which is to understand the problem and offer a solution if they can. Some ground rules are set, which establishes that both parties have the option to end the conversation if they’re not a good fit.

Next, we move into a roleplay scenario involving a potential customer who has had trouble with a previous cleaning company. The customer is asked what made them have to fire their previous cleaner, and they explain that they were inconsistent with their time and did poor quality work. Mike then asks how the frustration of poor quality work shows up for them, and the customer says it makes them feel angry and like they want to punch a hole in the wall.

The conversation serves as a demonstration of how to understand and address a customer’s pain points. By asking open-ended questions and allowing them to express their feelings, you are able to understand the root of the customer’s frustration and potentially offer a solution that addresses it. This episode also highlights the importance of setting clear expectations while establishing trust and commitment from both parties to make sure everyone is on the same page.

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