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Episode 635

The Opportunities of Being Hands Off in Your Cleaning Business: Episode 635


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Episode 635 – The Opportunities of Being Hands Off in Your Cleaning Business

Hey Cleaning Nation! I am so excited to come to you today with the amazing Jack Rickard from North Carolina. Hey bought a residential cleaning company called Quartz Cleaning in 2018. He is in our Elite program and I am so excited to hear his personal story.

Jack’s Background

Jack is from the UK and came to North Carolina after being in the military most of his life. In order to get a Visa they had to buy a business in the United States. Before buying Quartz Cleaning he had no experience in the business. When he bought the company he had sixteen employees and he spent a lot of the time dealing with the politics within his company. At the same time he was trying to scale his business and found himself cleaning a lot. He is now back to nine employees. Most of his client base of elderly people and when covid hit, he lost a lot of his clientele. Although he makes less revenue now, he makes a bigger profit. At first Jack thought it was that covid was the problem, but in reality it was a belief system.

How Jack’s Core Values Helped his Business

When Jack added core values into his business, he realized that not only was the hiring process easier but the quality of his employees were better. He now has the ability to trust his employees to do the right thing based on his core values without him being there. This has grown his profit and decreased the amount of time he spends cleaning in his business.

Jack's Big Question

Jack’s biggest question is “what are the top 3 risks to becoming a completely absent manager?”. I have never chosen to be completely absent from my business for more than a few months. When I did, I realized that profit went down and I would have to come revamp everything again. On any given week I put in from two to fifteen hours a week, but I can do it from anywhere in the world. A better way to phrase this question would be to ask “What are the three biggest opportunities to being hands off?”. When we look for the negative, we usually find the negative. The goal with my coaching is to teach how to work anywhere from zero and fifteen hours a week wherever you want.

Why Culture is So Important

The three things that I might worry about are insurance, money and culture. You will want to have good insurance to protect your business over a large group of situations. However if your culture is good, you shouldn’t have insurance issues. The culture is really what glues everything together. The Grow My Cleaning Company team has an amazing culture! Every single person on the team is an amazing person who loves to grow consistently. Even when I was only working five hours a week I always had a 5-10 minute huddle with our team so we could stay connected. No matter what was going on we always did the call. If it had to be over the phone we did it over the phone. It is an opportunity to congratulate each other.

Jacks Tip to Cleaning Nation

Jack’s top tip is to find somewhere with accountability. He loves the Elite Program because everyone holds each other accountable which helps him stay on course with growing his business.

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