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Episode 1045

The One Thing You Should Figure Out Before Sourcing Leads (and more of your questions answered!): Episode 1045


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Episode 1045 – The One Thing You Should Figure Out Before Sourcing Leads (and more of your questions answered!)


In a live podcast before Thanksgiving, Mike Campion, the dynamic owner and main coach of the cleaning company, greeted Cleaning Nation with enthusiasm. Lindsay Bjorklund co-hosted and gave Mike questions from both email, Facebook comments and the live audience.

Getting Started: The Best Way to Get Local Office Cleaning Leads:

Mike addressed a listener’s question about the best and quickest way to get local office cleaning leads. Emphasizing the importance of understanding the target audience, Mike stressed that the methodology matters less than having the right message. Tailoring the message to resonate with the potential client’s psychology is key, whether through Yelp, Facebook, direct mail, or other methods. The focus should be on conveying a compelling offer rather than fixating on the medium. Lindsay chimed in, providing valuable insights based on her experience as an office manager. She highlighted the significance of personalizing the approach and understanding the pain points of office managers, for example. The key, according to her, is to address the individual’s needs and build a connection.

Expanding Business Relationships: Winning Additional Contracts:

The podcast moved on to address a question about securing additional contracts, particularly in situations where there may not be an apparent pain point. Mike encouraged a consultative approach, positioning oneself as a consultant ready to help with any future issues. The aim is to be top of mind when the client encounters a problem, ensuring that they turn to you for a solution.

Hiring for Lead Generation: Telemarketing and Sales:

The discussion shifted to the challenges of cold calling for lead generation, especially when it becomes time-consuming for the business owner. Mike advised against hiring a salesperson for commercial cleaning but supported hiring for lead generation. Telemarketing, in particular, was discussed as a viable option, albeit a challenging position to fill. The emphasis was on understanding that lead generation is an investment and may not yield immediate results.

Residential Cleaning Time Estimates: A Beginner's Guide:

The podcast addressed a question from a listener named Kyle about estimating cleaning times for residential properties. Mike assured that beginners can rely on their common sense, with smaller houses taking around 1.5 to 2 hours and larger houses up to 3 hours. The key is to gain experience through a few bids and learn from the process.

Navigating Online Lead Platforms: The Thumbtack and Angie's List Dilemma:

Mike shared a brief but clear stance on platforms like Thumbtack and Angie’s List, advising against relying solely on these sources for leads. He highlighted the challenges associated with these platforms, including the reselling of leads, and emphasized the importance of having multiple lead sources to mitigate risks.


As the podcast wrapped up, Mike encouraged listeners to join the Facebook group, “Grow My Cleaning Company,” for ongoing support and discussions. The episode concluded with warm wishes for a happy Thanksgiving to the Cleaning Nation. Whether seeking advice on lead generation, expanding business relationships, or estimating cleaning times, the podcast provided valuable insights for cleaning company owners.
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