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Episode 452

The ONE Thing YOU Need to Get More Customers for YOUR Cleaning Company: Episode 452 :Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 452 – The ONE Thing YOU Need to Get More Customers for YOUR Cleaning Company

The cleaning industry can be very competitive, which can sometimes lead to certain cleaning company owners feeling like the only way to get more customers for their company is to charge dirt cheap prices and not have any margin for profit. Many owners feel as if they are stuck either losing bids to the complete lowballers, or having to stoop themselves, but luckily Mike is here to cover the importance as well as the ‘how to’ on how to not only get customers, but more importantly, good customers. 

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A majority of cleaning company owners head into bids and immediately go into their ‘comfort zone’, which is to default to talking about how great your company is. This happens not only in bids, but if you go to any almost any cleaning website, you’ll notice that there are many more instances of “I” and “we” than “you” and “your”. The truth is your customer doesn’t care about you or your accolades – they want to hear about what you can do for them. The best way to grow is to find your niche, learn it inside and out, and then learn how to properly communicate to your niche how you can solve their pain. As impressive as you think it is that you use “green” products, or that you have ‘x’ and ‘y’ awards, your customer will always be more inclined to do business with your company if you show them that you understand and can solve their pain.

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The biggest misconception that you’ll have to get over in the pursuit of growth is that money is the strongest factor in who they choose to do business with. The reality is that while that may be the case in some specific circumstances, (i.e government bids) a majority of the time it’s not the case, and it’s with accounts that are generally more trouble than they’re worth. Many times they will even say that it’s only about price, when in truth it’s not about price, it’s about them and how they perceive you will be able to make them feel. If they’re not educated on it (and – you guessed it – it’s your job to educate them), then they won’t be aware of how you can make their life better, and they will assume that the only way that you can make their life better is by saving them money. The truth is if you’re on the commercial side you’re not saving them money, you’re saving their boss money. As for residential, they didn’t call you to save money as it’s obviously more cost effective to just not get any cleaning services in the first place. 

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