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Episode 562

The ONE Thing ALL Successful Owners Have in Common: Episode 562: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 562 –The ONE Thing ALL Successful Owners Have in Common

Hello Cleaning Nation! Today we have Tracy Thompson with us. She is on because we are going to talk about the ONE thing all successful business owners have in common. It’s how to respond when “crap hits the fan” or how to respond when a big obstacle suddenly arises.

I started my business young. I had a cleaning company franchise. I went to training and then when I was all ready to take over the business, there was a yellow note on my door saying, “We quit- The Employees”.

That was a shock, I was thinking, “I’m doomed, my business is going to fail, and everything is over. How should I handle this emotion? What should you do when you’re faced with a sudden situation?”

There’s always “3 S’s: for everything: Story, State, and Strategy.

The 3 S’s:

The Story is what you just told me- your situation or what just happened.
The State is how you’re feeling right now because of that story.
Based on your story, what you are feeling right now is not good. You are filled with anxiety, stress, and fear.
Because your State based on the Story is not good, your Strategy (the 3rd “S”) is now elusive. You can’t see anything except devastation and are feeling overwhelmed. You are now thinking negatively.

How Do We Resolve Your Strategy?

1. Vent:

You are absolutely entitled to feel crappy. The challenge is, you don’t want to stay crappy. You need to acknowledge yourself or have somebody else acknowledge that you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and pissed off. But don’t stay there.

As a coach, you are going to be kind and loving enough to let me sit there and vent, but if I don’t have a coach, how do I know what a good amount of time is?

Give yourself enough time to vent. Some people take 5 minutes, for some it’s 10. Turn on your timer and give yourself time to vent. When the timer runs out, then you figure out what to do. If you don’t vent and pretend that you don’t feel what you’re feeling, you will become too afraid, too stressed, and too emotional to even consider a strategy.

2. Shift your story:

The reality is, once you’re in the middle of a crisis, which is not too late, it’s about 10 times or 100 times harder to resolve and come up with a strategy.

The best strategy is to change the story before getting a new strategy.

If you’re committed to just your story, the “failure” story, then it will come true.

Go back to the story of your best asset. For example, my asset or my number one skill is that I am resilient and resourceful. After venting, remind yourself that you are absolutely resourceful and resilient. Remember your story and how you felt when you handled a similar problem and overcame it by being resilient and resourceful. That’s the very first shift in your story that is required.

3. Resolve by creating a new strategy:

Mike :
You start your day everyday remembering that story and let it be imprinted on you. While you’re in that resilient state, make the next logical step. Don’t try to tackle a whole mountain, just think of the next step to resolve your problem.

In Closing:

If you practice and think about your greatest asset and greatest story everyday, then you will be ready to solve every problem that comes in your way.

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