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Episode 428

The Number ONE Thing Your Cleaning Company Needs to Succeed : 428 : Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 428 – The Number ONE Thing Your Cleaning Company Needs to Succeed

Today Mike is here to cover one of the most important parts of owning a company- mindset. Mindset is truly one of the things that can make or break your company, it is the difference between fighting and overcoming any obstacle in your path, and giving up at slight inconveniences. As an example, we are going to compare this to being in the middle of a large hill. At the top is your version of success, your goals, and aspirations, and at the bottom is a failure. It will always be easier to go down the hill then it is to go up, and the only thing that can keep you fired up and pushing up that hill is having the right mindset and being determined enough to fight through and force your way to the top. It may not be a steady walk, and you may fall down a bit, but what’s important is that you always get up and push forward.

One of the biggest problems that people face is holding on to your past. A lot of people who have had a rocky past let that control them and it halts them from progressing, but in reality, you will never be able to change the past, or for that matter the future. The only thing you can truly control is your mindset and how you handle/react to things. Life will always have its challenges. Nothing will ever go perfectly, however, you will notice a huge improvement in your life if you can learn to use life’s struggles to motivate you, rather than deter you from following your aspirations.

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Next, we are going to focus on a misconception that people frequently have about Mike, and life in general. Frequently people will look up to someone they admire and find themselves filled with jealousy because of where they’re at in life. They choose to believe that the person they look up to came out of the womb smarter, better looking, funnier, etc when in reality everyone starts from a blank slate and everyone has to put in the work to hone their skills and improve their lives. While it easy to look at people who have more than you and be jealous of them, it’s just as easy to look at how many people have so much less than you. It’s important to be grateful for being alive and having the chance to fight for the change in your life. It may not be easy, but you will start to see your life improve drastically with one simple mindset change.

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