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Episode 447

The Number ONE Skill You Need to Grow YOUR Cleaning Company: Episode 447: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 447 – The Number ONE Skill You Need to Grow YOUR Cleaning Company

In his time, Mike has dealt with a lot of different cleaning company owners, and one of the themes that he has noticed about cleaning company owners is how hardworking they are. This is of course a great thing, but knowing where to focus that work is just as important as actually doing the work. If you spend a majority of your time working in your business, rather than on it, your business will suffer substantially, as companies need someone in the leader position. Working this way does no favors for you, or your business, and getting out of cleaning and smaller picture things is essential to steady business growth. Forcing yourself to work harder won’t help you grow if you don’t know where to focus your time and energy, which is why Mike is here to talk about the number one skill that you need to grow your cleaning company. 

First and foremost, you need to get over the belief that you have to be growing all the time. The reality is that you should have a crystal clear idea on what your goals are, and why those are your goals. You should always be working toward a clear goal for a clear reason. Mike has spoken to many members of cleaning nation that just have this idea that they want to grow in their head, but when asked why they have no response, and the truth is there are companies that are at $100k a year in revenue wanting to be at $200k a year, people at $1 Million a year wanting to do $2, and so forth. It is much more difficult to create systems and plans around the idea of ‘growth’ rather than an idea such as ‘I want to increase sales by ‘X’ % by ‘Y’ time, So that there will be ‘Z’ amount of profit that can help me in specific ways’. As you can see, the second goal is much more clear, and will help with figuring out what steps you can take to reach your goals. 

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Another false belief that many cleaning company owners share, is the idea that the harder you work, the more your business will grow. In reality you can only do so much work, and having the skills to properly navigate that work is much more high tier work then doing it yourself, and you won’t find yourself burnt out as quickly. This can lead to your business consuming you, and growth halting. As previously mentioned, you want to see what kind of life you’re wanting to lead, and then build your business around that, rather than building your life around your business. While there are a finite amount of hours that you can work in the day, there are many potential employees that can help negate the workload. 

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