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Episode 880

The Magic of Creating Your Future Now Part 2: Episode 880


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Episode 880 –The Magic of Creating Your Future Now Part 2: Episode 880

Today on the podcast, we have part two of Suzanne’s workshop she gave at our retreat last week. In the first episode, she went over the first four steps to create the future you want now. In this episode, she’ll go through the remaining seven steps so you can have a full understanding of exactly what steps need to happen in order to take control of your future. Listen in!

Step Number Five: Use Affirmations

Affirmations can be a powerful way to get your brain where you want it to be. But for them to work, you’ve got to feel them. To really believe what you’re saying. When Suzanne was in coaching school, she was taught 17 affirmations to say daily. There were too many and she said that within a week, she lost the paper where she wrote down those 17 affirmations. Later, she heard something that resonated with her more than the 17 affirmations. It was this quote: every day, in every way, everything happens for me in an easy and relaxed manner and in a healthy and positive way. Your mind always wants to prove you right. Give it something positive to think about.

Steps 6-9 Change Limiting Beliefs to Empowering Ones

Number 6-A belief is only a thought you have thought a lot, it doesn’t make it true. If you are telling yourself things that aren’t empowering you to make decisions to get the results you want, pay attention to them and change them. Number 7-Support yourself with positive and supportive people. This one is self-explanatory but it makes a big difference. It is a bummer to bring your dreams to someone who responds with negativity. Number 8-check your thoughts throughout the day. Number 9- Bring your future into the now. Four phrases that can be really helpful as you’re being mindful about this are the following: I’m sorry, I love you, thank you, and forgive me.

Steps 10-12

Number 10: Listen and watch things that uplift you. What you are consuming and viewing will affect what you think about. Number 11: chose to respond not to react to a situation. Responding is intentional. It is thoughtful. Reacting is our knee-jerk response without thinking. Number 12: Let go of past stories that don’t serve you. 

Final Takeaway: As you practice each of these twelve steps, you will find your reality becomes the future you aspire to. 

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