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Episode 879

The Magic of Creating your Future Now: Episode 879


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Episode 879 – The Magic of Creating your Future Now: Episode 879

Today on the podcast, we have the first of two parts of an incredible workshop that Suzanne, one of our mindset coaches gave at a recent retreat. She talks about the twelve-part process to creating the future you want now. Each of these steps is important and will take you one step closer to visualizing and intentionally creating what you want long-term in your life and in your business. Don’t miss this episode!

Step 1: Visualize

Step one is to visualize the future you are going to create intentionally. The best way to do this is to imagine that you are watching a movie about your future and as yourself lots of questions. Things like, what are you eating? What are you wearing? What are the people around you doing? What are they saying? What are you saying? As you envision this, imagine that you walk up to the movie and actually walk into it and become a part of it and experience all that is happening there. Really be part of it.

Step 2: Gratitude

Start your morning with gratitude and end your day with gratitude. Instead of focusing on what you didn’t get done or what you did wrong, embrace your day with gratitude and end your day with the same. Bring in gratitude for future things you are hoping come into your life. As you start and end each day with this practice, you’ll notice your brain goes there more easily and it’ll be easier to dream about and focus on all the things you are going to be grateful for in the future as well as those in your present.

Step 3: Follow Your Inspiration

Each and every day, we have little inklings of inspiration. Things we think we should be doing, bursts of creativity, and ideas for how we could solve a problem. Follow through with those things and see where they take you. Start teaching yourself that you are a priority and that you’ll listen and you’ll be surprised how much more often they come.

Step 4: Do “I am” Statements

I am statements are a powerful way to start to believe what you HOPE will come true. I am confident. I am confident, I am bold. I am smart. The more you say these things to yourself out loud, the more your brain will go to work looking for evidence as to why they are true. 

Final Takeaway: Start visualizing your future now, lead with gratitude, follow your inspiration, and say ‘I am statements to help take you where you want to go in your business. 

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