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Episode 828

The Importance of Understanding Your CRM- Part 2: Episode 828


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Episode 828 –The Importance of Understanding Your CRM- Part 2: Episode 828

Welcome to the podcast Clean Nation. Today on the podcast, we have a continuation of the training Jered and Jackson did at the live event about CRM or customer relation manager. In part one, they explained why it was such an important tool to have an utilize in your business. In today’s podcast, they talk more specifically about pipeline pro, the tool they recommend to manage your CRM and how to take full advantage of all that it had to offer.

A Lead Vs an Opportunity

When you’re looking at pipeline pro, the idea behind it is that it keeps track of all customer interactions from the time they come into your funnel until they leave your funnel and beyond. When a customer comes into your funnel, they are considered a lead. And once you have them as a lead, it’s important to know the data behind who they came into your world and how you are going to keep them there. Was it via an email sequence? A Facebook or Youtube ad? Do you have a significant drop off of interest once you introduce a specific invitation? If so, what was it, and at what point in the funnel did they receive it? As you go through these, you’ll realize that there are leads, and opportunities to interact with those leads, and that every lead is an opportunity but not every opportunity is a lead.

An Example of This Process Working for You

What this allows you to do is be clear on the data whether it’s good or bad, and to know where to pivot so that the negative data can start working for you. For example, say you have a goal to get 10 new clients this month. It’s the last week of the month, and you only have six. If you haven’t been keeping track of that data, you won’t be clear on where each of those potential clients are in your funnel. But if you use Pipeline Pro, you can see that maybe you haven’t followed up for a while with a few of them, or maybe you have unsigned bids with five of them. By being on top of this information, you’re not missing the opportunity to sign people who are already warm and familiar with your company. Nobody falls through the cracks. 

Use this Information to Accomplish Your Goals

Now that you have all of this data in front of you, you can work on other goals like lowering your cost per acquisition. If you are currently paying 150 per signed lead, what can you do to get that number lower? Where are those people dropping off that are costing you extra money? Where are you going to put your dollars to tighten up those numbers and get the most bang for your buck? These are the kinds of things having a running, accurate CRM allows you to do. It allows you to be in control of your data, your numbers, and your business. 

Final Takeaway: CRM allows you to be in control of your data, your numbers, and your business growth as a whole. 

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