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Episode 953

The Importance of Relationship Building for Cleaning Company Success: Episode 953


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EP 953
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Episode 953 – The Importance of Relationship Building for Cleaning Company Success

In this episode, Mike interviews Diana Camacho, a Next Level Client with Grow My Cleaning Company.

Diana’s journey as a cleaning business owner has been shaped by her focus on building relationships and a shift in her mindset. Initially, she was solely driven by profit and didn’t have any clear goals in mind. However, with the help of coaching and a change in perspective, she has come to realize that creating a positive and productive work environment, prioritizing employee satisfaction, and fostering community are just as important as financial success.

One of the key changes Diana made in her approach was to prioritize building strong relationships with her employees. This led to better retention rates and reduced training costs, as well as a positive and productive work environment. Diana’s emphasis on regular employee meetings, parties, and proactive interaction with her team contributed to her success, resulting in more competent and satisfied employees who were willing to refer others to the business.

Another important lesson Diana learned was the value of building relationships with her clients. By sponsoring teams, donating to local non-profits, and focusing on the value her business could bring to the community, she was able to create a positive reputation and a sense of goodwill towards her business. This led to more referrals and recognition in the community, ultimately contributing to the growth and success of her small private school business.

Overall, Diana’s story underscores the importance of prioritizing relationships, both with employees and clients, and focusing on the long-term value a business can bring to the community. By taking the time to foster these connections, small business owners can improve retention rates, reduce costs, increase referrals, and achieve long-term success.

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