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Episode 1055

The Hidden Gems of Advertising for Your Cleaning Company: Episode 1055


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Episode 1055 – The Hidden Gems of Advertising for Your Cleaning Company


Mike Campion is joined by Jered Robinson, our ad guy extraordinaire, to unravel the often overlooked secrets of advertising. Mike emphasizes the importance of understanding the meta aspects that go beyond the conventional discussions on headlines, copy, and click-through rates. While not as flashy, these hidden gems can have a substantial impact on the success of your cleaning company.

The Power of a Solid Marketing Plan

Mike stresses the significance of having a clear marketing plan before diving into advertising. Many cleaning company owners jump into various advertising channels without a well-defined strategy. Mike urges listeners to understand their target audience, identify their pain points, and craft compelling offers before initiating any advertising campaign. A solid plan ensures that your marketing efforts align with your business goals, eliminating randomness in your approach.

The Pitfall of Neglecting Tracking

One of the heartbreaking mistakes highlighted by Mike is the lack of tracking in advertising campaigns. He shares insights from his experience, pointing out that initial spending often serves as valuable training data. Clients sometimes prematurely label campaigns as failures without realizing the potential long-term gains. Mike emphasizes the importance of tracking data meticulously, as it provides a roadmap for adjustments and improvements.

Understanding the Learning Curve in Online Advertising

Jered Robinson dives into the nuances of online advertising, emphasizing that success doesn’t happen overnight. He draws a parallel with learning to drive a car, stating that expecting immediate results is unrealistic. Online advertising, particularly on platforms like Facebook, improves over time as algorithms gather data and optimize targeting. Patience and a keen understanding of the learning curve are crucial for reaping the benefits of online advertising.

Navigating the Metrics - CPM and CTR

Jered demystifies key metrics in online advertising, specifically CPM (Cost Per Mille) and CTR (Click-Through Rate). He explains that CPM reflects the cost of being seen 1000 times, while CTR measures the percentage of people who engage with the ad by clicking. Monitoring these metrics helps advertisers understand how well their ads resonate with the audience. Jered recommends keeping a close eye on these numbers and adjusting the strategy based on their performance.

The Importance of Compelling Copy on Landing Pages

Mike rounds up the discussion by emphasizing the role of compelling copy on landing pages. He highlights that successful advertising involves more than just getting clicks; it’s about understanding the customer’s perspective and crafting messages that resonate. Mike encourages cleaning company owners to focus on customer-centric communication, addressing the customer’s needs and concerns to drive engagement and conversions.


In this insightful podcast, Mike and Jered shed light on the often overlooked aspects of advertising. From the significance of a well-defined marketing plan to the intricacies of online advertising metrics, the discussion provides valuable insights for cleaning company owners looking to optimize their advertising strategies. Remember, success in advertising goes beyond the flashy metrics, requiring a holistic approach that aligns with your business objectives.
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