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Episode 788

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Getting Out of Cleaning: Episode 788


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Episode 788 – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Getting Out of Cleaning

Hi Cleaning Nation! Welcome to the podcast. Today, we have Tracey chatting with our wonderful Next Level member Arminda. Arminda started M&M Maintenance and Cleaning Service in January 2016. She has been with us at Grow My Cleaning Company for a little over a year, and the day she recorded this podcast was her one-year anniversary of not cleaning, which is really exciting. She has been free to focus on the growth of her business for the past year and she is here today to chat about what has changed for her, what she’s learned along the way, and what has made the biggest impact.

Transitioning Out of Cleaning

Something we don’t often talk about is just how challenging it can be to make up our mind and stick to it when it comes to being done with cleaning for good. For Arminda, when she joined The Clean Profit Method, she had everyone telling her she needed to get out of cleaning. That she was never going to be able to grow if she didn’t. But she didn’t believe them. She had lots of fear about not being there- what if her employees got it wrong, what if her clients called her or she lost a client, what if, what if, what if. Finally, she just decided she was going to give it a shot and see how it went. But that she was going to really stick with it. There were days when she was so close to going in to clean but she stayed committed to herself. There were other days when she cried because it was so hard, her monkey brain told her there was no way this was going to work. Yet, here she is a year later on the other side of that and so much better for it.

A Year Into Not Cleaning

For Arminda, the decision to step out of cleaning has been about more than just growing her business. It has been about showing herself that she is worth it. She has a history of health issues and her doctors have been telling her she needs to take it easy and rest more, and she was in this mindset of grind, grind, grind, thinking she was the only one capable of doing everything. But when she finally took a step back, she did it for herself and much as for her business. And both are benefitting from her decision. She is able to focus more on her health and herself. Her business is able to grow and thrive as a result of her having more time to focus on it.

Advice from Arminda

When asked what her advice would be to other cleaners, it was to never give up. In Arminda’s case, she came to the states from another country, spoke a different language, and had all kinds of other barriers that could have stopped her from doing what she wanted. But instead, she kept pushing ahead. She had a goal of being a business owner. Not a cleaner, a business owner of a growing business. And through it all, she never gave up on that goal. And it has not become a reality. And will continue to grow as she continues to implement these changes and grow and change as a business and as a person.

Final Takeaway: Be willing to do hard things to reach your goals, even if it pushes you out of your comfort zone.

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