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Episode 891

The Cost of Accomplishing Your Goals: Episode 891


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The Cost of Accomplishing Your Goals
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Episode 891 –The Cost of Accomplishing Your Goals

Today on the podcast, we have Mike chatting with Tracey Thompson, our wonderful mindset coach about goals. We all know that new years resolutions are just a few weeks away, so they sat down to talk about how to do goals better this next year and what you can do to set yourself up for success. Listen in so you don’t make the same mistakes so many do thinking if they don’t change anything about the way they are currently approaching their goals, they will still get different results. That’s just not the case. Learn a better way. 

You Bring You to Every Situation

One thing we tend to forget when we set goals is that just because we set goals doesn’t mean another version of us will show up and make those goals a reality. We have to work within the framework we have understanding who we are, our strengths and weaknesses, and what we will really be able to accomplish. Sometimes, that can be hard to nail down. That is where mentors and coaches become so valuable. They can look at your goals and desires in an objective way and help you to make shifts in your actions and how you show up which can set you up for success when it comes to achieving those goals. 

Just Because Something Hasn’t Work Doesn’t Mean it Never Will

When it comes to getting clear on how we need to set ourselves up for success in our goals, we need to get clear on the idea that just because something hasn’t worked in the past doesn’t mean it won’t work in the future. So often when we are in a rut, there are obvious solutions in front of us but we throw them out before even looking at them because we may have tried them in the past. But no two situations are the same, and you aren’t the same person today that you were when those solutions failed the first time, there is never any harm in trying them again.

Change Your Perspective

At the end of all of this, if you aren’t willing to change who you are and create that paradigm shift, nothing will ever be different. Because the truth is, it’s not about having the knowledge, it’s about taking action. You probably know everything you need to know about losing weight (ie. eat fewer calories than you burn) but you may not be at your ideal weight right now. You may have listened to hundreds of Mike’s podcasts and know what he would tell you to do in any scenario, but you haven’t taken any action to improve your situation. You have to take action for things to happen. Knowledge doesn’t equal results.

Final Takeaway: If you want your goals to get accomplished this year, you’re going to have to show up differently than you did last year. 

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