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Episode 716

The CEO Mindset- What it is and Why You Need it


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Episode 716 – The CEO Mindset- What it is and Why You Need it

Hello Cleaning Nation! On the podcast today we have a special treat for you. Lindsay has asked Suzanne, our mindset coach/genius/mind ninja to be on with us. She has over 20 years of experience in mindset (aka she was working in the mindset space before mindset was cool) and is sharing today about the importance of having a “ceo mindset.’ Come listen in as she explains what that is, why it matters, and why YOU need it!

What Comes First in Order to Have a CEO Mindset

The first thing to understand is that in order to even be willing to have a CEO mindset, we have to be willing to understand that if we are cleaning and our business doesn’t exist without us in the day to day, we don’t actually have a business, we have a job.

The step we need to take toward this mindset is to make a decision. A decision that what I’m doing isn’t working, and I want something different. That this is what we want, and therefore it is the lens we are going to view everything through.  That means making the decision that we are going to hire out the cleaning. That we are going to position ourselves in a place where we are overseeing instead of in the thick of the day to day.

Thinking Like a CEO

Think about your favorite CEO or one from a very large company. Facebook, Amazon, Apple, etc. Now think about how often you see them building websites, cleaning bathrooms or fixing tech issues. THey don’t because they are running a company. And that’s not what CEOs do. So it’s a balance between having the right advisors who can be there to help you in that space allowing you to focus on big picture stuff. 

Shifting to This MIndset is a Process

Just like everything else, once you start to make the shift from cleaner to running your business like a CEO would, there will be some trial and error. Be patient with yourself. Give yourself grace. Every transition has some hiccups. This is a new normal and it always takes us a bit to get used to our new normal. When this happens, the best thing you can do is to focus on your whys. Why am I choosing to run my business this way? WHat am I hoping to gain from this shift? What are my goals? What am I hoping my work/life balance ultimately looks like? Etc.

Lindsay’s Experience with CEO Mindset

Lindsay made a big transition in our company a few months back. For her, it was an uncomfortable shift because it was something she’d never done before nor was it what she’d been hired to do. She felt stressed and like she needed help. Through her personal coaching with Suzanne, she learned that in order for the business to grow to its full potential (and her too) she needed to hire out and delegate the things she couldn’t do and focus on the ones she could and do them well. For her, it’s made all the difference in her confidence in her abilities. 

Some Other Tips While Transitioning to This New Mindset

It’s not about working harder, it’s about working and thinking differently. For example, 

Asking questions like- how could I support a team to do this? How can I step back and empower a team and give them income at the same time. How can I make a difference in their lives, and their family’s lives? How can I free myself up to be able to find even more clients so I can hire even more employees and serve more people and help them with their cleaning needs? How can I do that? This mindset allows you to ask better, more high level questions. And those questions are going to take you so much farther than fretting about things you can’t control anyway.

Final Takeaway

The CEO mindset will elevate every part of your business. It will elevate you as the owner, your employees, your clients and everyone you come in contact with. It’s a transition and one that takes patience, but that pay off is 100% worth it.

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