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Episode 890

The Benefits of Result-Based Leadership: Episode 890


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The Benefits of Result-Based Leadership
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Episode 890 –The Benefits of Result-Based Leadership

Today on the podcast, we have Mike chatting with Lindsay Bjorklund, our in-house client happiness manager. They talk about outcome-based leadership and why this is so much more effective than being in charge and in control all the time. If you don’t trust your employees to do their own thinking, you will both limit and exhaust yourself. Listen in to learn how to set up your leadership in a more effective way for all involved. 

How Result-Based Leadership Differs from Traditional

It can be tempting to think that you likely know best, so it makes the most sense to hire minions who will be at your beck and call doing anything you need them to do. The truth is, that is neither necessary nor does it make your life easier. Hiring people who only know how to follow instructions limits the overall creativity and problem-solving of your company. When you give your employees more accountability, it is empowering for them and relieving for you. They get to bring their best ideas to the table which will often be things you hadn’t even considered and if you make it clear that you respect and welcome their thoughts on issues, you will gain loyal, happy employees who make your company better than you could ever make it on your own. 

The Alternative

If you don’t hire capable people for a specific job, the other option is to hire an operations manager, supervisor, or assistant that can pick up all the random slack that you aren’t able to get done yourself. But because these job titles are so vague, this isn’t really going to help either of you get more clarity and creativity as issues arise. You are likely hiring someone to do an array of things you aren’t even sure of yet, and they’ll likely get burned out quickly and won’t feel the need to be as much of a team player since you aren’t really building a team.


What to Do Instead

The best way to get clear on what kind of result-based employees you want to hire, make a list of all the things that need to be done in your business that isn’t getting done. As you do that, you are going to start to see themes in the tasks you need to be done. Maybe you have tasks relating to money, supplies, and sales. If you hire three separate people to specialize in each of those themes, they are going to be very clear on what their role is, and take more ownership as a result. It will also make it easier to re-hire when one of them inevitably moves on than it would be if you hired one extra person to do everything. 

Final Takeaway: Hiring employees into result-based roles will benefit both you as a leader and them as an autonomous workers. 

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