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Episode 424

The #1 Thing You Need to Grow Your Cleaning Company : 424 : Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 424 – The #1 Thing You Need to Grow Your Cleaning Company

Today Mike is here to talk about the #1 Thing that you will need to grow your cleaning company. As entrepreneurs, we are called to do big things in hopes of financial and time freedom, but chances are you will never reach your goals without one thing- Commitment. Without commitment, you’ll choose to quit when faced with difficult decisions or choices. You need passion in order to face your fears and grow your company. Mike has coached hundreds, if not thousands of cleaning company owners, and he has found that commitment is the number one way to growth.

One of the frequently asked questions that Mike gets is ‘What is the secret behind growing my company”, and the answer is: there is no one simple trick. However, if you are dedicated enough, and put in enough work, and push past the difficulties that you may face, then you have a great shot at making real money. Mike tries to make growing your cleaning company simple, but no one can make it easy.

Mike has found that there are a few different types of people. The first type of person that when faced with a problem (i.e car won’t start, drank too much the night before, etc.), tends to give up easily. Then there is the type of person who may take it a step further but will give up when things start to add up. The last type of person is 100% committed and will do anything legal, moral and ethical in their power to fix a problem. If you want to grow your company to the point of having true financial and time freedom, you’re going to have to give it all that you’ve got.

A good example of this concept comes from when Mike owned a car dealership. Sometimes they would have a car that would be sitting on the lot for awhile and may have gone down in value, and then when something like the transmission would give out, they would just give up. They would talk to the service master, who wouldn’t want to fix the expensive part, who would then go to Mike with no idea what to do. In this situation, even though you may be faced with something difficult, the only wrong decision here was to let the car ait and lose value in the parking lot. At some point you just have to figure something out, you can’t let any amount of obstacles win and defeat you.

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It will always be easier to ignore working on yourself, and just blame the world for all of your problems. If you find yourself making excuses like ‘There are no good employees in my area’, ‘People are too cheap’, etc. Then you will make that your reality, and you’ll be stuck. In reality, Mike has coached people from all over the world, and so far everyone he’s coached has been able to grow past the worries in their head if they are committed enough. While it may seem scary in the beginning to take full ownership of your position, you’ll find that it’s actually a good thing. It means that your circumstances are in your control. You can make different decisions then you’ve previously made, and get different results.

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