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Episode 622

The #1 Expensive Mistake Cleaning Business Owners Make: Episode 622


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Episode 622 – The #1 Expensive Mistake Business Owners Make

Hello Cleaning Nation! Today we have the amazing, the lovely, Tracey Thompson on the podcast. She is here to talk about the number one most expensive mistake cleaning business owners make.

The #1 Expensive Mistake Business Owners Make

The number one most expensive mistake cleaning owners make is actually mindset. They believe that wanting something is good enough to get it. People want things all of the time and they talk about how much they want it but they don’t actually do what they are wanting. The gap between wanting something and having it happen makes it a “self fulfilling vicious cycle”.

Double Down

A lot of times when people get stuck in the “it has to work” mentality they tend to double down on whatever they did to get to the spot they are in. In reality they really need to do something else because what they are currently doing isn’t working. This also happens when people are afraid. This really comes down to the “fight, flight, or freeze”. The first instinct is to freeze which is to double down on what they already know, like we mentioned earlier.

How to Break Out of the Freeze State

The first thing you need to know is to break out of the freeze state. Until you get out of the panic state you cannot move forward in your business. When we have a need to be right we defend our old story. In order to break out we need to move into more of an observer role and change that story. Recognizing that if we are stuck in the same spot for a long time usually means that you are arguing in your own mind. To really get what you want you need to argue a different case. Anything that justifies where you are now needs to go out the window. That is the old story that is hurting us. Now, create an argument that is going to lead you to success. Ask yourself “if I was the person I want to be, what would they do?”.

Framework to Make it Happen

  1. Recognize that the non truths are not serving your business, team, family, your dream, and yourself.
  2. Then take charge and start asking yourself questions that successful people would ask.
  3. Decide to take charge of your story.
  4. Do something different.

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