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Episode 1127

Targeting Your Ideal Client: Beyond Basic Advertising: Episode 1127


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Episode 1127 – Targeting Your Ideal Client: Beyond Basic Advertising

Understanding Marketing Basics

In this episode, Mike and Jackson explored the basics of where to begin with marketing, especially for newer marketers. Many make the mistake of focusing on the media they use, thinking it’s the magic key to success. But starting with the media can lead to wasted money and effort.

The Common Mistake

A common issue, especially with new marketers in residential cleaning, is relying too much on platforms like Angie’s List. People often blame these platforms for their lack of success. They see these tools as the entire marketing solution, but in reality, they are just lead generators. It’s a big mistake to think, “I tried Angie’s List, and it didn’t work,” without understanding the broader context of their marketing efforts.

Knowing Your Customer

To succeed in marketing, it’s crucial to know your customer. A good copywriter, for example, will spend time understanding your best clients, their pains, and why they choose your service. This depth of understanding allows you to create targeted messages that resonate. When you just put up a generic Facebook ad without knowing your client’s specific needs and pains, the message becomes bland and ineffective.

Addressing Real Pain Points

When everyone claims to be the best at cleaning, it confuses the buyer. They often default to choosing based on price because they can’t distinguish the quality. Instead of saying you’re the best, focus on what really matters to your clients. For example, an elderly person might need help because they can no longer clean their home themselves and feel ashamed about it. Understanding these deeper issues can help you create more compelling and targeted marketing messages.

Tailoring Your Approach

It’s vital to tailor your approach based on your client’s specific needs and situations. A young couple with a dog has different cleaning needs than a retired couple. Your marketing should reflect these differences. Moreover, understanding where your clients spend their time, whether on Facebook, local billboards, or other platforms, helps you reach them more effectively. It’s not about being everywhere but being where your clients are and addressing their true pain points.


Remember, effective marketing starts with understanding your clients and their unique needs. Generic messages lead to generic responses. By focusing on the real issues your clients face and tailoring your marketing efforts, you can create more meaningful connections and achieve better results. For more personalized help with your marketing strategies, visit and book a free call with our team. Let’s turn these insights into actions and help you succeed!
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