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Episode 619

Takeaways from Our Event that Can Help You Grow NOW: Episode 619


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Episode 619 – Jackson Pinkoski - Takeaways from Our Event that Can Help You Grow NOW

Hey Cleaning Nation! Today we have Jackson Pinkoski, also known as Tex on our podcast! He joined us at the Next Level and Millionaire Mastermind event and is here to give his perspective on the event!

Jackson's Thoughts on the Event

The event was absolutely amazing. One of the biggest things Jackson noticed was even with the amazing coaches that were there, the other business owners took it to the next level. Having other business owners that are going through the same things in the same place is powerful. There were people in every step of business that could give their thoughts and stories to the group.

How to Connect with Business Owners Daily

You can’t always be in the room or on Zoom with amazing business owners but there are outlets on social media where you can. Facebook is a great tool to find groups like Grow My Cleaning Company that are completely FREE! These groups allow you to bounce ideas off each other, ask for recommendations, celebrate successes, and share your stories. You can reach out to people who are active in the group who are active and make friends as well. It’s also important to look for groups in other industries as well.

Giving Yourself Permission to Release Version 1.0

One thing we always talk about at our events is to not wait until something is perfect to start. If you wait until something is perfect you will get very frustrated because things are ever-evolving. When you realize things get better over time as you learn, you gain the freedom to get started. We encourage everyone in our program to create a crappy version 1.0 in ten minutes and then in thirty minutes you have a version 2.0 that completely blows version 1.0 out of the water. Giving your permission to just “do it” will give your freedom.

How to be the Defender of your Own Mind

At our event we had a role playing situation with our mindset coach Tracey. We all have this “prosecution” in our mind putting us down. We learn how to intentionally say “what would the defense attorney say?”. We naturally prosecute ourselves with negative thoughts and that can be super hurtful to your mindset. When we intentionally become the defense for ourselves it can take us off the negative path and start asking the questions that we need to succeed.

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