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Episode 514

Take Action in Time of Uncertainty - Episode 514: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 514 – Take Action in Time of Uncertainty

In times of uncertainty, it is so easy to fall into the mindset of allowing what is happening in the world to make us think we have no control over our business. This can cost us not just money, but our own potential and our own ability to navigate challenges in life – both personally and in business. Let’s go into some commonly held false beliefs today regarding what to do in times on uncertainty and crisis!

False Belief: The government shut down my city so I am going to have to go out of business or depend on them to succeed.

YOU are in charge of LEADING your team! You can’t control what the government does, or how a virus spreads, or where a tornado hits. What you CAN control is your RESPONSE. How YOU respond dictates YOUR reality and the reality of your business. THAT is what entrepreneurs DO!

False Belief: I have to “stop” doing all the things that made me successful

NOW is the time to double DOWN on what has made you successful! Don’t pause in your steps and wait to be told what to do by someone else. This is a time for leaders to not only to lead, but to grow and get even better at serving. (side note: as always we are never advocating to do anything illegal or against government regulations!)

False: I can’t get new customers

The truth, especially during our current coronavirus outbreak, is that:

• Ads are cheaper.
• There is MORE traffic than ever before.
• There is MORE PAIN than ever before (people that were not interested in cleaning before are definitely clear on it now and the need for it!)
• There are NO budget restraints.
• “As coronavirus infections lit up communities throughout the U.S., the demand for cleaning workers has grown. Offices, schools, transit systems, malls, restaurants and other businesses are now seeking anti-viral scrub-downs, and help-wanted ads for cleaners are projected to spike 75% in March 2020 compared to the same time last year on the jobs platform ZipRecruiter. On Snagajob, another online jobs posting marketplace, cleaning jobs doubled in the last two weeks, as did applicants who said they were looking for cleaning jobs, according Mathieu Stevenson, the company’s CEO.

False Belief: I don’t want to take advantage of a crisis.

You are on front lines! Here to serve! THIS is what you have been training for! In fact, most government agencies are considering YOU as ESSENTIAL during this time. It is essential to clean during these times, to prevent the spread of disease.

False Belief: I can’t send my people in where they might get sick.

It’s your job as a leader to TRAIN your employees to protect themselves AND your customers. Of course, we would never recommend forcing any employee into a cleaning job that they don’t want to do. That being said, once we have systems to properly train our employees, they can feel empowered and grow in confidence to go out and SERVE.
If you get this right, you have the opportunity to have a BIGGER impact, GROW your company, AND your team…even when times are tough and uncertain!

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