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Episode 510

SYSTEMS for Your Cleaning Company: Episode 510: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 510 –SYSTEMS for Your Cleaning Company

Most of us business owners have probably had this experience – you find yourself putting out fires all day and then you can’t grow your business amid the chaos. It causes you tons of stress and sucks the energy out of you to work ON your business instead of IN it. You then miss out on growth and YOU bringing your gifts to the world. Even if you think you don’t have a system, in actuality, you working IN the business still, IS the system. Let’s dive into replacing these kind of systems with ones that will enable you to grow!

Best advice you’ve received either personally or professionally?

False Belief: Working harder will help you grow.
Like many lies, there’s actually a little bit of truth to this false belief. Working harder will help you grow, however running your engine without a break blows it up – just like a car. You need a maintenance SYSTEM to keep this system going optimally. We need to make sure we’re increasing the QUALITY of our work, not just the quantity.

False Belief: It’s to be expected everyone comes to you with everything.
It feels great at first because you can solve all the problems…BUT then it makes YOU the chokepoint for your business! Your employees won’t be able to do ANYTHING without you.

False Belief: A big “employee manual” will solve everything!
Simple systems married with core values will solve MOST problems and allow you to spend the bulk of your time ON the business. If you make a huge employee manual then A) your employees are not going to read it, B) they’re not going to memorize it, and C) they’re not going follow it anyhow. Systems such as an employee training website or an employee wiki are systems that can help with that! It’s really important to understand that systems are great, but you also need the right people on your team that are aligned with your core values and culture that “get it.”

False Belief: It’s normal and healthy for you not to be able to go on vacation.
When you are working ON your business, you can leave, work hard… or not at all… and the business is unaffected. When you are working IN your business, everything stops when you leave. Working ON your business is not just about the money, it’s about the time and freedom!

False Belief: Good leaders are there first and leave last.
This couldn’t be farther from the truth. In reality, good leaders inspire people to be effective and get stuff DONE. They inspire others to get stuff done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Good leaders HATE people “looking busy”. They create an attractive CULTURE based on core values – NOT a bunch of rules!

False Belief: You need thousands of systems.
Actually, you need THREE systems: 1) how to sell your service, 2) how to deliver your service, and 3) how to count the important things (like money).

False Belief: Systems are hard.
As we said earlier – you already have systems – you just need to upgrade them! Simple is better. If you’re not getting the result you want, this means that you just don’t have a good system.

False Belief: YOU are the BEST/ most qualified to make the systems.
YOU are the BEST/ most qualified to oversee your TEAM that is making the systems!

Once you get systems into place, your business will get a LOT more fun; attractive to the RIGHT employees AND customers; become WAY more valuable; and ready to GROW!

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