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Episode 296

Systematizing Training New Employees : Episode 296: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 296 – Systematizing Training New Employees

Today we’re chatting with Heather Swan!

Heather has a great question, something that is on the mind of almost everyone at some point in time in Cleaning Nation. That question is how can you really go about building a full-proof method to train your employees WITHOUT messing it up and being a control freak.

After all, if you have to train each individual yourself… you’ll never gain the leverage you really desire that can allow you to explode your business.

The secret is in the system itself. I actually go over this entire system in massive detail inside the Cleaning Profit Method. When you sign up for the Cleaning Profit Method, go to Module 9 and see the entire system laid out in detail for you there.

The system, like most great systems, is pretty basic to understand.

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I have each of my employees have a checklist of the things they need to do. When they are done with that checklist, they check the boxes, sign and date it with their own name and turn that list into their supervisor. That supervisor also has a checklist of theirs and when they are done with theirs they turn it into me along with the other employees.

These checklists never change. Each one is systematized so that it applies to 100% of the jobs my cleaners are doing. They don’t changed based off who is checking that list either. This is literally what they are getting paid to do, so their income is tied to being honest and filling these out.

Some people worry that their employees might be lying when they fill out these checklists. It’s definitely a concern. Whenever you bring on a new employee, make sure to let them know just how important these checklists are and that if they are caught lying on them then that is a cause for termination. After all, it means they’re lying to you and not giving the correct service to your clients.

This is really important to hammer home during your hiring process!

Outside of checklists, I also recommend creating a series of videos that shows your employees exactly what to do. For the most part your training should be about 80% on core values vs. actually how you go about cleaning something. Unless you’re doing a medical clean up that has special kinds of cleaning processes required, most of your cleaners are going to be pretty familiar with how to go about the job.

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That doesn’t mean you can’t create videos showing people how to effectively clean a toilet or dust a room.

These videos can be super useful to have. Remember to make them only around 30 seconds long, your employees are unlikely to watch them if they’re longer. I would actually make this content public up on YouTube too. Not only will that be easy for your employees to find if they need help, but it also allows your clients see you have a real system and you care about the job. That latter part can give you a small lift in your marketing, so why not use it to your full advantage!

Remember, your training should be systematized, focused on core values that helps your employee become a community leader, full of checklists and done in a way where you can leverage the system so it takes the exact same effort to train fifty employees as it does just one employee.

Alright, let’s dive into the Lightning Round!

Lightning Round:

Best advice you’ve received either personally or professionally?

Always let your situation motivate you instead of intimidate you.

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in the cleaning business we can all learn from?

Never saying no. Took me a year and a half before I realized I don’t need to say yes to every job that is offered to me. If the client isn’t treating my cleaner or company right, it is fine to say no. It is way easier than you think and takes a ton of stress off the table.

What’s one idea cleaning nation can put into practice to improve their business or their lives immediately?

Show your clients that you appreciate them. You can give them random gifts, saying thanks and so on for any work that comes your way. This goes a long way in making your clients also appreciate you and your service.
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