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Episode 495

Systematize Your Cleaning Company: Episode 495: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 495 – SYSTEMATIZE Your Cleaning Company

Today we are going to jump into one of the biggest issues cleaning company owners struggle with: SYSTEMIZATION. Here’s the thing – the systems you have currently got you to where you are but they won’t take you to the next level! BUT you don’t know how to make systems that WILL take you to the next level. When YOU have to do everything and if YOU don’t do it, it doesn’t get done, then you don’t have a company, you have a JOB!

False Belief – I don’t have systems.

You do have systems, they just might not be getting you the results you want. So for example, your system might currently be this: you, the owner, gets up, does all the work, invoicing, hiring, cleaning, etc, etc…. We’re all about REMAKING the systems you currently have.

False Belief – You can just hire your way out of putting out fires all the time.

The reality is this: without the right systems, the more people you hire equals the more complexity in your business. It just adds fuel to the fire. If we have the right systems in place, adding more people allows you to scale EASILY and grow!

False Belief – You can hire a manager to “handle all that” and “get me free”.

If YOU can’t succeed and grow with the systems you have already in place, a manager is doomed to fail.

False Belief – Creating systems has to be hard.

Just make videos of what you are doing currently – whether it’s how to clean a toilet your way or how you invoice customers, etc. The video can be just a quick 2-3 minutes and nothing complicated.

False Belief – EVERYTHING needs to be systematized.

It’s MUCH more important to focus on the IMPORTANT things than do everything. The important things get lost when you have a system for everything. Going back to our previous example of making videos, keep in mind that if you have thousands of videos for your company’s training, people will easily get lost.

False Belief – You have to do all of the work of systematizing.

Your employees do the work, you just lead the process. If you do the ALL work for them of systematizing everything, they won’t buy in.

False Belief – Just make systems that put out today’s fires.

Make systems that SCALE! Build them once and then they can scale every time your business sizes up. The goal is to not have to rebuild your system every time you hit a plateau.

False Belief – Having written documentation is the key.

Following a proven set of systems is the key! Too much written documentation and people can easily get lost or worse – bored and not invested. Again – keep it to 2-3 minute videos!

Not only can you grow as much as you want WITHOUT losing control but you no longer have to be “in the middle” of everything. Think of it this way: you run the systems, the systems run the employees.

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