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Episode 327

Supercharging Your Direct Mail Marketing and Get More...: Episode 327: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 327 – Supercharging Your Direct Mail Marketing and Get More Cleaning Contracts

This is part 2 of our special guest episode with Joshua Latimer from SendJim!

Josh grew his cleaning company to over $100,000 in revenue per month. He sold his company and moved his family to Costa Rica, where he headquarters the system that helped create his success, Send Jim. His automated lead generation software helps home based companies, like cleaning businesses and roofers, increase their direct mail response rates.

Using this software, Josh 5x his response rate. His secret is to add personalized touches to the direct mail postcard. Each postcard has three pieces of personalization on it:

1. Homeowner’s Name

2. Price

3. Picture of their home

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Send Jim creates a drip sequence that sends three-five postcards to a select area during the best lead generation times of year.

These are the six steps to follow to create a successful direct mailer campaign:

  1. Market by listening to homeowners and discovering their pain points. Use their verbiage to word the text on the postcard.
  2. Choose a neighborhood with about 100 homes.
  3. Send three mailers spanned one week apart from each other.
  4. Collect data on the amount of responses received.
  5. Test verbiage and design on the mailer, sending to another 100 homes in a similar neighborhood.
  6. Collect data on the amount of responses received and compare to first campaign.
  7. Send out successful campaign to similar neighborhoods.

Testing the content of the direct mailer is key to obtaining the results that Josh has been able to. Wording has to match the verbiage used by the homeowners in that neighborhood. Once you find the direct mailer that has the greatest response, then start to send it to more homes in similar neighborhoods.

This is the path large, profitable businesses take to scale their growth. Automate your lead generation system from the beginning to avoid hassle and wasted marketing efforts.

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