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Episode 185

Supercharge Your Janitorial Services Hiring to Attract the BEST Employees-: Episode 185


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Episode 185 – Supercharge Your Janitorial Services Hiring to Attract the BEST Employees-

Bad employees KILL your cleaning company, but good hiring makes your life easy
Episode 185 Mike Miller Two Maids and a Mop
Today, your host Mike Campion coaches Mike Miller, owner of Two Maids and a Mop in Suwanee, Florida about janitorial services hiring.

With the support Mike receives from the Two Maids and a Mop Franchise, he’s getting more customers than he can handle and is forced to turn away good customers because he doesn’t have the employees to handle those new accounts.

The two biggest challenge owners of cleaning companies face are finding customers and finding employees.

The good news is, for all of you who don’t own a franchise- the same concepts that work well in client attraction work in janitorial services hiring.

So even if you don’t have support from a franchise, you can use what you’ve learned here and what you use for your customer attraction to find and keep excellent employees!

RESOURCE ALERT: Click HERE for a FREE playlist on finding the best employees!

With client attraction, you don’t want just any customer, you want to find the right customer. Be clear on your ideal client:

Commercial or residential
Ability to pay
Customers that don’t constantly complain
The same thing goes for employees.
You don’t want just any employee. You want the best employees. Be clear on your ideal employee. What you are looking for varies by company, but here are some good starting points:

Are dependable
Hard working
Match your Core Values
Have passion
One of the drawbacks to hiring relatively low-wage employees is, you are competing with a lot of other businesses who employ them.

You are going to have to stand out from the crowd.

Most employers out there are offering things that employees don’t really want. For example:

Higher Pay
Health Benefits
These typically only attract the type of employee that will leave you for the next guy offering them a nickel more than you.

Instead of saying the same thing everyone else is saying and hoping to find a diamond in the rough, offer something they can’t get anywhere else.

Community, respect and being a part of something bigger than themselves is something the vast majority of your competition doesn’t offer.

Everyone is looking for something special to be a part of.

Creating that company culture and living out your core values is going to create something unique to your cleaning business. It also gives you the opportunity to intentionally attract and repel the employees you do and don’t want.

So, how do you do that?

With your core values. Clearly stating your core values in your janitorial services hiring ads is the best way to engage and attract employees that will make your life easier instead of harder.

RESOURCE ALERT: Click HERE for a more in-depth podcast on CORE VALUES

Just like with customer attraction, the final piece of the puzzle is getting that message out where your ideal employees congregate.

Find out where they are and advertise there. If your ideal employees are single mom’s who love mommy blogs, put your janitorial service hiring ads there!

Finally a parting warning; A lot of owners make the same mistake of running back and forth between ” I have to get more customers” and ” I have to get more employees”.

Feeling the pressure to put out a fire, they will work solely on one while neglecting the other.

There’s a lot of temptation is to turn work away while getting employees or visa versa. DON’T! Keep both of those attraction methods running all the time. It’s a good thing to have a bench of qualified customers and employees to draw from.

Finally, Mike gives back to Cleaning Nation in the…

Facebook marketing is always changing, but the main points on how you can get clients through marketing doesn’t. You can pay for Facebook advertising or you can use it for free advertising. As long as you get to know, understand, connect and provide solutions to your clients pain, you can sell properly and get a closed deal.

Lightning Round:

Best advice you’ve received either personally or professionally?

Keep hiring!

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in the cleaning business we can all learn from?

Spending money on non-digital advertising like sponsorships

What one thing Cleaning Nation can do today to improve their lives or their business?

Create the right environment to attract good people
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