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Episode 496

Supercharge Your Growth: Episode 496: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 496 – Supercharge Your Growth

Do you ever feel that you are working as hard as you know how to work, and you KNOW you were put on this earth to do something BIG, but you aren’t getting the results you need? You know you could have those results and SHOULD have them. Not only do you not live up to your potential, but you spend your life doing more work than you should and never getting the results you want. On top of this, you rob your family, your community, your potential team members of the gift you were given to give. Small business transforms communities! Today we’re going to go deep on this problem!

False Belief – Working harder = Faster growth

Supercharge your growth by doing the RIGHT things instead of doing MORE things. The thing is, you have to get over the belief and mindset that you have to work hard in order to earn. This mindset keeps people cleaning!

False Belief – Doing the right things = Complete solution

The reality is – BEING the right PERSON with the right SYSTEMS = complete solutions. To supercharge your growth, you need to shift your focus from WHAT you need to DO to WHO you need to be!

False Belief – You can just “figure out” the right things to do and the right person to be.

You can KIND OF figure out what to do (although it is expensive, time consuming and frustrating), but you NEED someone to model and hold you accountable to WHO you ARE! Supercharge your growth by finding a mentor who has been there and done that AND can repeat the success!

False Belief – Successful people never fail.

Actually, successful people fail better and FASTER. Supercharge your growth by modeling people who have the results that they want, fail more intelligently, and move from failure to failure faster and with greater confidence. Successful people do this because they have someone who has been there and done that helping them! Improve the quality and quantity of your failures!

False Belief – You can’t afford to invest in your business or yourself.

The truth is you can’t afford NOT to invest in your business or yourself. Everything you buy with money OTHER than experiences and investing in yourself ends up in the dump. YOU can make changes that last beyond you! Supercharge your growth by investing in yourself first and your business second! Remember that at the end of the day, the only things that last are your investments in yourself and your investments in your people. Then after that, comes investing in things.

False Belief – Successful people have different opportunities than I do.

Successful people have different LIMITATIONS than you do. The ONE unifying difference is unsuccessful people say “Because I have X limitation, I cant Y.” Supercharge your growth by COMMITTING to what you want. Think “Because I have X limitation, I will have to do Y to succeed or XY and Z to succeed!”

Once you do these things you will succeed in EVERY business – not just THIS business! More importantly, this this will help you succeed in LIFE.

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