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Episode 513

Succeed During Crisis w/ Special Guest Nathalie Campion: Episode 513: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 513 – Succeed During Crisis with Special Guest Nathalie Campion

When coronavirus (or any crisis for that matter) is acting on us, we can get scared and reactive. This could cost us everything and the potential risk here is high. During any crisis, people can lose their business, but like everything else we cover here in our podcasts and blogs, a big part of our success or failure relies on how we REACT to any given situation. Anytime you give your power to something other than you, is the moment it’s over. Today, we’re diving deep into some mindset training to help during a crisis.

Three things about three things:

We’re going to divide this up today into 3 sections with three point about each section.

1. You will get what you focus on.

a. You can’t control what the world does, but you can control your response AND what YOU FOCUS ON. For example, Mike is going on a Facebook “fast” to restrict the amount of news and rumors he sees. He is relying on his trusted news sources and only periodically checking in there.

b. If you focus on bad news or bad things that are out of your control, you will likely be pulled down into the negativity and fear. This is that feeling of just getting scared and wanting to curl up into a ball on the couch.

c. Focus on your community, what you can control, and you WILL survive! Reach out to others during this time and talk about what you’re going through!

Side note from Nathalie: What we choose to focus on is crucial! We never make good decisions when in fear or panicking.

2. Keep this in perspective.

a. This crisis WILL end. You don’t need to make it like this forever, just until the crisis is over!

b. That said, we are going to PLAN for the longest scenario. FOCUS on winning TODAY. In this current corona crisis, this means that the self-distancing/quarantining will end. Business will reopen and we will get out of our homes.

c. The need for cleaning has NOT gone away! The same people are on earth making the same mess, the opportunity has just changed.

3. Take ACTION (don’t let this “happen” to you).

a. Some people are “lucky” some aren’t, but the ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY is here for everyone!

There’s NO price resistance – we haven’t seen this in 25 years, however we don’t recommend to price gauge!
People have CLEAR pain – all you have to do is just have to go out & serve!
You are NOT a commodity!

b. The things we teach you to do usually are now MANDATORY!

Get paid in advance. Have enough margin to pay for everything.
Live your Core values.
Invest in Client Attraction.
Leads are cheaper and paying more attention than EVER!!

c. You can succeed, but you MUST LEAD and leadership takes WORK!

This might mean calling all of your clients PROACTIVELY with a powerful, CONFIDENT, CERTAIN message.
This might mean changing your niche to where the people have pain. (First time in history we’ve recommended this actually.)
Educate your people. They need YOUR relationship more than ever!!

Side note from Nathalie: People will remember how you treat them during this time so SERVE big. If you’re out there price gauging and taking advantage of people, there will remember that when the crisis is over!

In Summary:

This quarantine WILL end, but the need to disinfect and control the virus WILL NOT.

There will be LESS companies cleaning way MORE often soon. As long as you make it through, this is the opportunity of a lifetime to SERVE and have a positive impact!

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