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Episode 968

Streamlining Operations and Boosting Efficiency in Your Cleaning Company: Episode 968


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Episode 1 – Streamlining Operations and Boosting Efficiency in Your Cleaning Company


In the world of business, efficiency and organization are key to success. In a recent coaching session between Mike and Kayla, the owner of a cleaning company, they discussed strategies to cover numerous jobs with reduced stress and improved scheduling. This blog post delves into their insightful discussion, highlighting the importance of effective communication, standardization, and accountability in running a successful business.

Setting Clear Standards and Expectations:

Kayla begins the conversation by acknowledging the initial challenges faced during their first week of scheduling. She mentions the difficulties arising from Airbnb bookings that often caused disruptions in their cleaning schedule. To address this issue, Mike suggests a solution: training new schedulers over Zoom, using recorded sessions for future reference. He emphasizes the importance of marking training sessions that showcase challenging situations, as these will provide valuable insights for future trainers.

Empowering Team Members with Training:

Mike explains the significance of training employees effectively, allowing them to take ownership of their roles. By providing recorded training sessions, new hires can learn from previous experiences without the need for constant hand-holding. This method saves time and effort while ensuring consistent training across the team. Mike encourages Kayla to edit the recordings to make them more concise and valuable for future trainees.

Maintaining Standards and Accountability:

Mike highlights the need to set standards for job performance and mistakes tolerance. He advises Kayla to establish a clear standard for the number of mistakes tolerated in a given time frame. If employees consistently fail to meet the set standard, it may be necessary to find replacements who can perform at the expected level. By holding team members accountable for their work and providing clear guidelines, Kayla can ensure that her business runs smoothly and efficiently.

Avoiding Micromanagement:

Mike emphasizes the importance of getting out of the “right seat” and letting employees take full responsibility for their roles. Micromanaging hinders growth and can limit the potential of team members. Instead, Kayla should focus on setting clear expectations and standards, empowering her team to perform their tasks without constant supervision. By doing so, she can build trust and foster an environment where employees thrive.

Handling Mistakes and Learning from Them:

Discussing an incident where a scheduler misread a job request, Kayla expresses her frustration at the resulting chaos. Mike advises her to establish a system where mistakes are documented and addressed promptly. It is essential to hold employees accountable for their errors, while also recognizing and appreciating their overall performance. By clearly communicating expectations and consequences, Kayla can maintain a high level of service and minimize future mistakes.


Efficiency and organization are crucial aspects of any business. In this coaching session between Mike and Kayla, they highlight the importance of setting clear standards, empowering team members through effective training, and holding employees accountable for their work. By implementing these strategies, Kayla can streamline operations, reduce stress, and foster a culture of excellence within her cleaning company. Embracing these principles will undoubtedly lead to increased success and customer satisfaction in the long run.

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