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Episode 1074

Strategies for Working LESS in Your Cleaning Company: Episode 1074


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Episode 1074 – Strategies for Working LESS in Your Cleaning Company

In the realm of cleaning entrepreneurship, Mike Campion, the seasoned owner and main coach at, teams up with the versatile Lindsay Bjorklund to delve into critical strategies aimed at boosting efficiency. As they guide Cleaning Nation through various challenges faced by business owners, the duo shares valuable insights and actionable tips. From navigating the aftermath of COVID-19 to addressing time management and employee productivity, Mike and Lindsay offer a fresh perspective on transforming cleaning companies into thriving, efficient enterprises. Join them in this insightful journey as they uncover the keys to unlocking efficiency in the cleaning business.

The Challenge of Finding More Cleaning Accounts

Lindsay kicks off the podcast by addressing an email from John, a cleaning business owner facing a dilemma. John’s struggle is not having enough work and needing more cleaning accounts. Mike emphasizes the importance of moving beyond excuses like the impact of COVID-19 and encourages a shift in mindset. The key takeaway: Stop blaming external factors, recognize the problem, and focus on proactive solutions to grow your business.

Replacing Yourself Without Profit Loss

A listener named Gus raises an essential question: How can you replace yourself without taking a hit on profits? Mike delves into the mindset shift necessary for business owners. He emphasizes the need to view cleaning as a means to an end, not the end itself. Mike advises against simply stopping cleaning and advocates for redirecting that time into higher-value tasks such as marketing or sales. The core message: Don’t just stop cleaning; replace it with activities that significantly contribute to business growth.

Managing Social Media for Business Growth

Lindsay brings up a question from Jen in the Facebook group, addressing the challenges of taking breaks from social media while still driving business from these platforms. Mike advises a mindset shift, categorizing oneself as a content creator rather than a consumer. Setting specific goals for engagement and time spent on social media can help maintain efficiency and prevent getting lost in endless scrolling.

Addressing Time Efficiency and Employee Productivity

The discussion concludes with Angie’s concern about an employee potentially milking the clock. Mike emphasizes the importance of aligning core values within the team. Rather than solely focusing on making employees go faster, Mike suggests adjusting prices and having conversations based on core values. The key is to ensure everyone is on the same page regarding the company’s values and goals.
In conclusion, the podcast provides valuable insights into tackling common challenges faced by cleaning company owners. From overcoming the aftermath of COVID-19 to improving time efficiency and employee productivity, Mike and Lindsay offer practical advice to help businesses thrive. Remember, it’s not just about cleaning; it’s about building a successful and efficient cleaning company.
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