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Episode 575

Stop Selling & Start Attracting: Episode 575: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 575 – Why do we want to attract clients instead of selling?

Today we are going to talk about how to stop selling and start attracting. This is a huge topic and the number one thing that changed how I viewed and enjoyed my business. Maybe you have to keep customers you don’t like because you are worried you won’t have anyone to replace them. If you could have leads that already trust you, you might start loving your business again.

Three Step Framework

Step 1: Put it into context. It’s far more important that you have enough leads coming to you than a high number of leads buying. Most owners of cleaning companies have 5 leads or less. If 80% or 4 out of 5 people buy we would feel comfortable. But, what if you had 100 leads and 80% didn’t buy? That would mean that you still had 20 people purchase! Thinking about doing this can be scary but it is worth it. Return on investment or ROI is all that matters.

Step 2: Figure out what your clients really want and how they want it. The only way to get to hundreds of leads is to give value. They don’t want information on you and your company. What they want is to feel good when they come home and be in control of their lives. You need to find your clients WHY. It’s not about what you sell but what they want to buy. For example, a commercial owner doesn’t really want more cleaning for less money. What they want is to have happy customers and bosses. They want to know that they have made the best choice for their business.

Step 3: Automation. You might be asking how we do this. A few options are videos, emails, or Facebook marketing. Once you know what your customers want you can have the perfect way to advertise. If I make a video and over one year 1,000 people hear people but I only get 20 people to buy that still a lot of people. There are multiple different ways to do this which means there is a way for everyone.


If you are’t getting the customers you want it’s because you aren’t getting the leads that you want. Once you get these three steps down you will be able to leverage your time, get the customers you want, and love your business. 

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