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Episode 498

Stop Putting Out Fires in Your Cleaning Company: Episode 498: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 498 – Stop Putting Out Fires in Your Cleaning Company

Today we’re going to talk about an absolute killer in the cleaning business company: putting out “fires”. You put out fires all the day (working IN your business) and never get anything done ON your business – whether it’s last minute employee issues before a job or having your website down and not knowing what to do. These kind of constant, urgent problems or “fires” prevent you from growing your business, leading your team, living to your potential, and growing as an entrepreneur! Let’s explore some common false beliefs behind constantly being a “firefighter”.

False Belief – If you just had more time, you would be fine.

The good news is that you have the same time as every multi million dollar owner in your area. It’s WHAT you do with it. I have had my best months when I worked the LEAST! Also, it feels good to put on your “superhero cape”, until you can’t take it off! If you DO it all, you don’t empower your employees to learn to solve the problems. There’s the big problems such as “what systems do we put in place?” then there’s the small problems “fire “problems such as “We’re out of rags”. Another version of this dilemma is…

False Belief – My customers and employees need answers NOW!

They may need answers now, just not from YOU. Be creative! Maybe a VA can help you with this or a contractor can help you with that payroll problem that has been haunting you. The key thing is that you start to realize that someone else can handle small fire problems and then shift those responsibilities to them. YOU get to choose how you want to run your business and it doesn’t run YOU!

False Belief – My employees will just screw it up.

Ok this is going to sting a little…but YOU hired these “incapable” people! Either lead, train, and empower them or let them go somewhere where they CAN contribute. The quality of the your team is on you!

False Belief – You don’t have time to plan.

The less time you have the BETTER you need to be at having CLARITY around what you SHOULD be doing, what you ARE doing, and WHY there is a gap. When you are “time rich”, you don’t have to track time and worry about it!

False Belief – Answering phones, questions, and putting out fires is “getting stuff done”.

Workers DO it, LEADERS empower others to be better and “get stuff done”!

False Belief – I can quit anytime…

Rarely do people just “figure this out” on their own. You need a community to support you. You also need the RIGHT things to do to replace the WRONG things- don’t just quit cold turkey! Oftentimes we free up this time then we don’t know what to do with it suddenly. This is why it’s so important to have the community to back you up and hold you accountable while having the systems in place.

Once you stop putting out fires and start LEADING, you not only work less and have the opportunity to grow, but you get CONTROL and CONFIDENCE! Not to mention fun! 🙂

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