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Episode 852

Stop Making Things More Complicated Than Necessary! : Episode 852


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Episode 852 – Stop Making Things More Complicated Than Necessary! : Episode 852

Today on the podcast, we have Tracey and Mike. Today, they are talking about the idea that business owners make things much more complicated than they need to. By bunching all their problems together, they create one big overwhelming tangle that is overwhelming to solve. They share the process of getting clear on the first problem that needs solving so you can move through the decision-making process with much more clarity and effectiveness. Listen in to discover what excuses you might be telling yourself that are keeping you from problem-solving and moving forward in your business.

One Big Ball of Problems

One of the most common issues Tracey sees happening with clients is tangling up a bunch of problems into one big web. Rather than pulling each problem out one by one and looking at possible solutions, people stay in a state of overwhelm. From this place, they spin and ruminate rather than create solutions and forward momentum. Oftentimes, we’d rather bring the drama rather than the data. Often, this way of thinking has become such a habit that we don’t stop to realize there is a better way. The other side of this coin is that it’s easier to spin in our problems and story fondle about how their unsolvable rather than just getting to work fixing them.

Solve a Problem By Making a Decision

So often in coaching, someone will come to us with an issue and want to tell us all the reasons why there isn’t a solution to their problem. This is how we coach them in that situation. For example, if they are giving us the classic problem of not having enough employees and being scared to hire more because they won’t have enough work for them, the first thing that needs to happen is to make a decision forward. Decision one: are you hiring? Don’t get into the details about why it’s hard or how you don’t know or any of it, simply answer the question yes or no. If yes, don’t worry if you don’t know all the details, those are solvable. But first, you have to commit to the decision. If you haven’t made a decision, there’s no reason to worry about the next 20 steps after the decision is made if you haven’t even decided yet.

Decide Consciously

If you have a decision to make that you have been spinning in for a long time, it is essential that you make a decision. Ask yourself decision-making questions that will allow you to get down to a yes or no question. We are tempted to talk about all the reasons why things might go wrong or we allow our monkey brain to run wild, but when we simply decide something-yes, I am going to hire- suddenly all that noise in our head can get a little quieter. And once we have made that first decision, we just take it one step at a time. We don’t look years or months into the future, we simply ask ourselves- “what is the FIRST next step I need to take?” That question is a lot easier to answer than solving all the what-ifs that pop up subconsciously. And the way we move forward is by continuing to ask ourselves that question. What is the next step you need to take? And the next. By taking it one step at a time, things will start to be more clear and you can more effectively solve your problems, one at a time. 

Final Takeaway: Ask yourself decision making questions, then move forward with the first next step. 

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