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Episode 416

Stop Hiring Losers : 416 : Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 416 – Stop Hiring Losers

A lot of people hiring don’t have problems getting applications, but rather getting good applications. This can lead to hiring bad employees when you get desperate, which in turn can lead to your good employees quitting, which can then lead to you hiring more bad employees, and the cycle continues. However luckily for you, Mike is here to talk about the systems and mindset that can help lead you to success

Just because you hire someone that didn’t work out, doesn’t mean that employees don’t ever work out. The reality is, that the system you used dictated the results that you got. It’s not that the people are bad, but rather your system of hiring wasn’t where it needs to be. You should never stick yourself with a cleaning job, rather than cleaning company owner just because you’ve had bad experiences with employees you’ve hired in the past.

Another problem that Mike hears persistently is that there aren’t suitable employees in your area. Again, this can be traced back to the system that you’re using. The ad, hiring process, interviewing process, and onboarding process need to be systematized and core values based. As Jose Barrios said commented on the facebook live video, (which can be found here.) Failures in employees are a reflection of leadership and systems. You should be looking for people who want to be a part of the community that your building, rather than just having a job.

One of the biggest misconceptions that people have is that pay is directly linked to the quality of employee, or worse, that you can’t afford to hire good employees. This couldn’t be further from the truth. When Mike was running his companies, he would always pay slightly above what others were offering, but more to show that he appreciated them. The quality employees came from the environment that he built. He made sure that his company was core value based, and he also made sure that he hired employees that shared those values. For instance, one of Mikes core values is ‘Have Fun’, and when lunch rolled around he and his employees would all hang out and have lunch and play football.  If he hired employees that didn’t share that core value, then they wouldn’t fit in, but the employees that he did get were always super high quality. It’s important that your employees meet your basic requirements (i.e clean background, has a car, etc.) but past that a core value match is much more important than their ability to clean.

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The last idea that we need to squash, is the idea that you shouldn’t be hiring if you don’t currently need employees. If you’re always growing, you’re always hiring. Having a list of good employees for when some of your employees quit, having the ability to take on new jobs and being able to replace any employees that may not be ‘A’ list are just some of the reasons you should always be hiring.

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