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Episode 487

Stop Guessing & Grow with Confidence with Nathalie Campion: Episode 487: Mike Campion Live


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Episode 487 – Stop Guessing & Grow with Confidence with Natalie Campion

Nathalie Campion joins us today as our host! A huge problem that many business owners run into is that they will guess and try to figure out everything on their own. This takes time, money, and lots of frustration, making it harder to achieve your dream. You can end up with taking two steps forward and one step back constantly. This can really chip away at your confidence.

False Belief: Trial & error is the only way to go & grow

We can benefit from OTHER people’s trial & error by doing what successful people do. Smart people learn from their mistakes. GENIUSES learn from OTHER people’s mistakes. Why try to reinvent the wheel? Figure out who’s out there doing what you want to be doing and emulate that. Which leads us to…

False Belief: I should watch my competition

There’s a good chance that most of your competition is failing and even the “successful” might be failing in spite of the tiny piece of their business you are modeling. You want to make sure the people your are emulating are actually successful and have proven results. The point is for your business to serve the life you want, so that you can take vacation, spend time with your family, and not have to be the one cleaning. True wealth is the LIFESTYLE you want – not just the income.

False Belief: It doesn’t cost that much to figure this out on your own

There are SEVERAL costs to figuring it out you are probably missing

  • The opportunity cost of growing NOW.
  • Time and money wasted doing it wrong.
  • Lack of confidence in any of your decisions which causes lack of follow through and dooms everything to failure. You’re constantly worried if you are making the right decision!

False Belief: Even though it might take time and money, I’ll figure it out on my own

The VAST majority of businesses fail because they don’t have PROVEN SYSTEMS. This is why people pay so much for franchises who take half or MORE of the profit!  These franchises, like McDonald’s have flawless processes that are all lined up. The flip side is that the franchise takes their cut, making it harder for you to reach your goals for your lifestyle. The franchises ALWAYS get paid whether you do or not.

When you DO have PROVEN systems to follow, the advantages are:

  • You can save years if not decades of frustration. (Think all the Lego pieces in a kit, which comes with a step by step direction booklet for you to build cool complex system like a spaceship! Without the booklet, it would take you forever to figure it out.
  • Your chance of success SKYROCKETS.
  • You can save hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • You grow faster and earn faster!
  • You have CONFIDENCE your work is actually getting you the life you want.
  • Business becomes FUN again!

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