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Episode 903

Stop Fighting With Reality: Episode 903


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Episode 903 – Stop Fighting With Reality

Today on the podcast, have Mike and Tracey chatting about why so much of our belief system tends to show up in our actions. If we aren’t careful, we can let our brains run away with unconscious thoughts that show up as we go through life. It’s easy to argue with reality to fight for the result we want, but it’s not effective. Listen in as Mike and Tracey talk about some actionable things you can do to start to change your belief system change your actions and the way you show up in your business.

Two Examples of Arguing with Reality

Mike brings up two personal examples of how he argues with reality. The first is with the scale. He weighs himself every day, and sometimes he feels like the number the scale shows is unfair. Maybe he has eaten really well that day, and he feels like the number should be down, but it just isn’t. But he can’t argue with the scale. He can’t negotiate a lower number. What the scale shows is just what is. And now he gets to decide how he is going to feel about that number/what he is going to do about it. His other example is having expectations of his wife. There are things he had asked her to do throughout their marriage that seem easy to him, but she is unable or unwilling to do. At that point, he can keep trying to change her or tell himself why he’s right and she’s wrong, or he can accept what is in front of him and decide how he is going to get that particular need met.

Arguing with Reality Keeps You the Victim

When you justify and argue with reality, it keeps you in victim mode. You continue to spin in what should be or what could be. Feeling sorry for yourself might feel justified sometimes, but it’s not productive. It doesn’t move you forward, it shuts down creativity and problem-solving. When you own that you are in control of what to do next, you can move on to the next step.

Think What You Want to Believe

The key to all of this is to think first, intentionally about what you want to believe. Our brains naturally want to conserve energy and prevent us from doing hard things so we don’t fail. We have to take control of that brain and start to tell it what we want to be true. If we want to lose weight, we need to start telling ourselves that we are a fit person. We are the kind of person who makes good food choices, who moves our body, who takes the time and puts the work in.

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