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Episode 497

Stop Cleaning Toilets Forever: Episode 497: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 497 – Stop Cleaning Toilets Forever

Here’s the problem: you signed up to build an amazing business that you are proud of BUT… you are too busy cleaning toilets and/ or babysitting employees. You can either be a cleaner or an owner, but not both. Today we’re going to dissect this piece by piece!

False Belief – I “make” $50/ hour.

I talk to “you” and you are often working 80 hours/ week and taking home just a couple of thousand dollars. You have to remember to include drive time, selling, billing & collecting, cleaning rags, buying supplies, getting insurance, and learning like you are right NOW! To get hourly rate, divide TOTAL amount of hours you work on/ in/ think about your business by NET PROFIT (NOT gross revenue). You will most likely find that you’re “making” far less than you originally thought.

False Belief – All that paperwork sounds expensive & scary!

It is if you try to “figure it out” on your own. Hire an expert to do it for you. CHARGE your customer for this expert! Side note – when you have your pricing fixed, as we have previously discussed in other episodes, you can afford to hire an expert!

False Belief – I can’t afford to “give up” my cleaning work.

If you want to build a company, you can’t afford to clean for one second. Every second you clean, that means that no one is building systems, creating a culture, attracting clients, surprising or delighting clients, building a team, casting a vision, maintaining the financial integrity of your business, or all of the IMPORTANT things OWNERS do and cleaners do NOT do!

False Belief – I can’t hire without work.

You can have it any way you want it. You can START the hiring process NOW. You can start people who only want 1-2 customers to start. YOU have to DECIDE you want it and start working! NO excuses! Give them some of your work! You can do it IF and WHEN you decide to do it.

False Belief – People don’t want to work.

The systems YOU created are attracting and cultivating people who don’t want to work. Yes, there are people out there in the world that don’t want to work, BUT your competition is implementing the systems to attract the RIGHT kind of workers that DO want to work. If you have a good mindset and system set up to find these employees, you’re gonna be successful with finding people that do want to work!

False Belief – Employees will ruin my reputation.

Without employees, no one will really hear of you. You won’t have a reputation in the first place to ruin. The RIGHT employees can make you look amazing! Plus, it’s ok to screw up, you just have to make it right! If you have core values and put systems in place to hire people that match those core values, you will have a great advantage!

False Belief – It’s harder to hire than to just do it myself.

It’s harder to “figure out” the hiring thing than doing it yourself, but that leads to decades of hard work. In the short term, yes it’s easier to do all the cleaning yourself, but long term it’s easier to put systems into place to hire than to do the cleaning yourself. Therefore, invest in a system that works and get paid forever WITHOUT cleaning!

The benefit of putting these systems into place means less work (or no work even) for you and you still get paid FOREVER!

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