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Episode 128

Starting Your Own Cleaning Business: Episode 128: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 128 – Starting Your Own Cleaning Business

Starting your own cleaning business but don’t want to sacrifice your current job?
What type of skills and determination does it take when starting your own cleaning business? On today’s Podcast Mike sits down with owner Gabriel Manis of Tennessee Tidy Maids ( and discusses cleaning business start ups.

Gabriel and his wife both are active partners in their company. Gabriel wants to know how to grow his start-up business without sacrificing his current job that he enjoys.

According to your fearless host Mike Campion, starting your own cleaning business while maintaining a full time job is possible, but requires laser like focus.

THINK DIFFERENT – In addition to focus, when starting your own cleaning business AND holding down a full time job you need to think differently. You will need to transition from being a “cleaner” to an owner of your cleaning company sooner when holding down a full time job. This means hiring employees sooner and getting comfortable delegating low level work.

START-UP CAPITAL – Can you start your own cleaning business with zero dollars in the bank? Yes, you can, but Mike points out this can be a major uphill battle. If you have absolutely NO money, Mike suggests getting a job first, saving money and THEN come back to starting your own cleaning business.

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SALES – Mike cautions against the lure of “busy work” like logos, websites and filing paperwork. Sure, they need to be done, but 85-90% of starting your own cleaning business should be about making sales. Remember, it’s all about focus!

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KEY TIP: Nothing happens until somebody makes a sale!

Your sole focus should be client attraction until you have your first handful of customers. Simply having a business card, logo, LLC, and Tax idea number does not mean you have a business. Until someone is paying you for a service, you don’t have a business.

BE HONEST – Don’t try to be someone you are not. If you have only had one client, be honest about it. Listen in as Mike shares how to make only having one client a HUGE advantage in starting your own cleaning business.

This is far better then pretending you are a “big company” and looking foolish when the truth comes out.

Mike officially ends his rant and moves to the Lightening Round where Gabe has his chance to shine…

BEST ADVICE: – Buy into a culture of responsibility.

BIGGEST MISTAKE: – Spreading yourself too wide is a bad. Rather than getting 15 jobs and able to do “5” work, take 2 jobs if you know you can do level “9” type of work. Level “5” is a dead end.

ONE MORE IDEA: – Change your idea of business from being a cleaner to being a business owner. Focus on sales, quality of work, and get a handle of the financials.

That’s it Cleaning Nation, everything you need to know to start your own cleaning business. For more help, make sure and join the Facebook Group HERE.

Remember, this is a community and we are here to help each other! Jump in and leave a question for Mike to answer below and let’s get started Growing YOUR Cleaning Company!!

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