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Episode 252

Starting a Cleaning Company Without Cleaning Yourself: Episode 252: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 252 – Starting a Cleaning Company Without Cleaning Yourself

The MAJOR Problems You’ll Face Hiring People & How to Solve It

Today we’re chatting with Adam Pierson with Pierson Cleaning Services.

Look, no one running their business should be caught actually cleaning within their business – eventually. When you first start though, it is likely going to be you wearing all the hats of the business and that includes operations. In other words, you bid on a job and get that job and now you need to go and clean that job.

This obviously is unsustainable if you want to grow your new business.

A lot of people will make the mistake that they just decide not to clean at ALL and just hire people right away, thinking this is a good solution. The problem is, it’s too much too fast. Nothing can happen until a sale is made after all, and if your new cleaning company doesn’t have the jobs lined up then it simply just can’t hire anyone to take over those jobs.

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Even when you do start hiring people, you will face another problem if you decide not to clean yourself. You will have no real idea how long a job takes to clean. Does an office building take three hours? Then are your people charging you for eight hours? If you’ve never done it yourself, you just have no frame of reference by which to judge the job which can lead some of your employees taking advantage of your ignorance.

So how long should you clean before you start hiring out?

I would say the maximum is about four weeks on any given job, until you get enough experience under your belt. By then you should have several employees since you will have several recurring jobs anyway. A month’s worth of personal cleaning though gives you enough of a taste of how difficult the job can be and what really goes into it so you can make sure your employees are operating with efficiency.

Another issue with not wanting to clean yourself is what happens when you bid on a big job, you get the job, but they want you to start right away?

My answer? Go and clean it yourself! If the job is good and recurring (it should be) then you can always replace yourself in a couple of weeks once you find someone that can do the job professionally.

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One final note on hiring people, if you want to go FAST with scaling your business then you need to pick a niche. This is a drum I beat over and over again. When you select a niche to focus on, you will be able to learn their language intimately and speak to their pain points.

This allows you to scale your business much faster and easier over time.

Pick a niche that is big enough within your local space to meet your goals and dive after it!

Lightning Round:

Best advice you’ve received either personally or professionally?

Don’t bid too low for new jobs. It is hard to walk away from the first few bids when you don’t have any customers, but it is important to realize a low bid can often lead to more headaches than it’s worth.

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in the cleaning business we can all learn from?

Allowed negative feedback to affect your decisions. Many people look at starting a business as just an opportunity to fail, and push you away from the concept. Don’t listen to negative feedback. Stop getting ready to get ready.

What’s one idea cleaning nation can put into practice to improve their business or their lives immediately?

The amount of experience you’re going to gain from zero to six months you’re going to learn a lot of things, probably more than someone who has been in business for five years. One thing to keep in mind during it all is don’t neglect your family. Your family should be the most important aspect of your life, don’t allow work to consume it.
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