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Episode 170

Starting a Cleaning Company that Gives You Freedom: Episode 170: Mike Campion LIVE


Episode 170 – Starting a Cleaning Company that Gives You Freedom - Episode

Starting a cleaning company that actually serves you instead of the other way around! Episode 170 Mike Campion Grow My Cleaning Company This is a special Christmas episode. Mike takes some time to thank you, Cleaning Nation, for being such an amazing and dedicated community. With 2017 fast approaching, it that time of year where we all start making those New Year resolutions. Committing to losing some weight, going gluten-free or worse…picking up running as a hobby? How about committing to starting a cleaning company that gives you the freedom to enjoy life that way you have always wanted? This isn’t just for those of you starting out. Even if you are a 10 year veteran, this is for you. If you feel like you are constantly pushing up against an invisible wall, it’s time to make a change. Mike wants to give you the gift of 3 things that will improve your life and your business. Gift #1 – Community Find community with other cleaning company owners. There are so many benefits to community for entrepreneurs. It’s important to be able to get that support from people who understand where you are coming from. Above all there are 3 factors to community that are key to your success when starting a cleaning company. #1 Accountability Much of the value that Mike gives to his one on one clients is accountability. Often times what separates people who are successful from unsuccessful is accountability. You may know the steps you need to take and what order to do it in, but an employee no call no shows or a customer complains something was broken and suddenly you’re putting out fires, working IN your business and not ON it. Those goals get pushed back further and further and before you know it, it’s Christmas again and you’re in the same place you were last year. Without that accountability, there’s always going to be something more important than taking those first steps to reaching your goal of starting a cleaning company that gives you freedom. That’s why we created the Grow My Cleaning Company Facebook Group! But it’s not enough just to click join and skim the posts every month or so. Participate in the Facebook group, comment on the blogs and interact with people. You get the most out of Cleaning Nation when you can give and receive help to other owners like you. #2 Encouragement For better or worse the cleaning business is a tough business. Employee quit or complain, the competition with lowball bidders is fierce and customers aren’t much easier. If you are like Mike you have more good weeks than bad but you area always going to have that bad week. Encouragement from your spouse or friends is awesome, but when it’s Wednesday and you have a $20,000 payroll on Friday and $12,319 in the bank, no one other than another business owner is going to really understand what you’re going through. It’s important to seek out people who are owners of cleaning companies, like the members of Cleaning Nation, who understand where you’re at. It’s good to know you aren’t alone and to get encouragement from others who have gone through the same struggles. Not only do you want encouragement when things go wrong, but when starting a cleaning company, you’re also going to want to share your wins! There’s nothing worse than being all alone with a hugely successful business and no one to share that with. #3 The ability to learn from other people’s mistakes BONUS TIP: Wise people learn from their mistakes but really wise people learn from other people’s mistakes. Mike always asks our guests “What’s the biggest mistake you have made in the cleaning business?” The reason he asks that is that mistakes can be incredibly expensive and costly not only in money but in time. Instead of having to make that expensive, excruciating mistake on your own, while starting a cleaning company, you can learn from others. Gift #2 Focus Much of Mike’s job when coaching his clients, is curing the shiny new object syndrome. #1 Decide what is important The first thing you need to be able to do is to focus on the important things. Decide what is important and what isn’t. Once you know what is important, move on to what order they need to be done in. So many owners just like you have 15 things that they know need to be done and they all seem important. So instead, you do all of them at the same time poorly. Give yourself the gift of focus. Spend some time in the next couple weeks and decide what you really want to get done this year. This is for big picture planning, not day to day activities. What do you really want to focus on in 2017. Write it out and decide on the order it needs to be done in. #2 Eliminate distractions This is a lifestyle choice, when you’re at home with your family having dinner, turn the phones off, turn the tv off and spend real time with the people you have chosen to go through life with. When you’re working, eliminate distractions, close Facebook, Twitter and Instagram ( Snapchat for you young ones out there). #3 Focus on those tasks Once you have identified what is important and eliminated distractions, use that time to focus on those tasks one at a time. So many people want to do everything at once and jump from thing to thing and nothing gets done well or even to completion. Spoiler alert: You are NOT good at multi-tasking – Don’t multi task. Gift #3 Gratitude Not only does gratitude makes you a better person, but it makes your a better business person and make you more successful. Mike is grateful for you, and wants you to create the business and life you want in 2017. That is his goal for 2017. It feels like just as you stopped having to turn a 15 into a 16 when writing down the date, it’s already Christmas again. And somehow we’re going to have to get good at turning a 16 into a 17. The next year is going to come, it’s going to happen whether or not you decide make the change of having gratitude. Mike did a special podcast on Gratitude on Thanksgiving, if you haven’t listened to it yet, listen to it after this! It’s a great way to change your mindset. Be grateful for the opportunity to make 2017 the year you make that change. You can make 2017 anything you want! Finally, an EXCITING announcement!! Mike put together a video on how to transform your business for FREE. We changed the whole site because it’s so important to us for you to get that value. If you are: working too much working in your business and not on it Cleaning and not growing your business Stuck or going backwards Want the community Mike talked about All of that is covered in the video along with how to get accountability to make sure all those changes actually happen this year. The key is not to be a hearer but a doer. Don’t miss out, click HERE to watch a short intro and enter you name and email to access the FREE Video. We are excited and honored to start 2017 with you, Cleaning Nation!
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